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#>""<h1>Wikka Modifications</h1>""

Here is a list of changes made to the base installation of the Wiki.

~-2005-02-08: Alternating background colors for RSS feeds (changes in rss.php and wakka.css). RMc
~-2005-02-09: Added ""{{comic name="<i>comicname</i>"}}"" action. Current //comicname// values are Doonesbury, Dilbert, Maakies, TMCM (Too Much Coffee Man) and BTAF (Bob the Angry Flower). Unrecognized names result in no output. RMc
~~-2005-02-11: TMCM is occasionally text instead of an image. On those days, there will only be an alt-text link. What can you do...
~-2005-02-09: Added target="_blank" to plain external links and links from RSS feeds. RMc
~-2005-02-09: New comic: Filing (My New Filing Technique is Unstoppable). Generally Not Safe For Work.
~-2005-02-09: Added Live Bookmark link, for Firefox users (actions/header.php). The Live Bookmark is attached to each page individually so you can track changes to multiple pages. RMc
~-2005-02-18: Renamed to 'eLINC Wiki', because why restrict it to development.
~-2005-03: Dynamic Wiki title because we can't decide on one.
~-2005-04: rss action now accepts a "target" attribute, default is "_blank". If you want to remain in the same browser window, use target="_top".
~-2005-04: Improved comics action, better code scraping thanks to me finally getting more comfortable with regular expression syntax.
~-2005-04-14: rss action now accepts a "maxitems" attribute. If left out, default is 15.
~-2005-04-14: Added second Live Bookmark link for global recent changes to each page.
~-2005-05-10: rss action: optional //title// parameter overrides that supplied by the source.
~-2005-05-10: removed 'text-align:justify' from site CSS
~-2005-05-10: Fixed BTAF comic (missed numbers in filenames)
~-2005-05-10: Added **allusers** action
~~-Added <# (float left unsized) and #> (float right unsized)
~~-Page owners can delete pages (append "/delete" to URL in address bar)
~-2005-05-15: Rewrote rss action (extract images if present and show in table format; strip embedded advertisements)
~-2005-05-18: Fixed text search form, "Go to/Create"
~-2005-05-24: Added a big list system consisting of several actions, one handler, and new db tables. See ListDocumentation. Marc.
~-2005-05-30: Straight up mangled the rss functionality so that the ConferenceList revisions feed is exempt from read access restrictions
~-2005-06-23: added new RSS spam rule for feedster. RMc
~-2005-09-28: Many CSS colours and fonts are now controllable via the new WikiStyle page. Just edit the page, change the colours, store, and the changes should show immediately. Please don't be changing all the colours to black or anything like that... RMc
~-2005-11-23: New comics: Speed Bump, Monty, Get Fuzzy, Mutts. Bizarro does not work, there's some sort of DRM on it.
~-2006-02-02: Revamped RSS feed format (and enabled RSS caching), added new comic "Lore", added email-obscuring code
~-2006-02-15: Fixed email obscuring code. Links coded with <a href="mailto:..."> will work now. Plaintext emails are un-spiderable.
~-2006-02-21: New "combinedrss" action for displaying multiple RSS feeds merged together, sorted by publish date. See ComboBlog
~-2006-03-XX: is now under the "antispam" umbrella (along with and the individual blogs at POSTs are checked for the presence of spammy words, and if any are found the guilty IP address is added to a 404 file. Warning: you //will// get blocked if you enter any of the magic words. For this reason avoid mentioning pharmaceuticals, games of chance, or sexual practices.
~-2006-05-15: Changed files action so that multiple file collections can exist on one page. Use ""{{files id="some_id_or_other"}}"", making sure that all id's used on a particular page are unique. "id" is optional, if there's only one files action on the page.
~-2006-05-23: added ""^^"" formatter to make javascript-hide-and-showable divisions. Like this (click on the double arrow): ^^Hello!^^
~-2006-05-24: Converted RSS action to use MagpieRSS rather than Onyx.
~-2006-06-27: Files action now sorts filenames
~-2006-06-29: Files action download of files with spaces in the name now works (added quotes to Content-Disposition)
~-2006-07-21: Added ""{{toc}}"" action which inserts a table of contents for the page. If your headings containg any Wiki formatting it won't work too well, sadly. Should force users to normalize their heading levels...
~~-Later that same day: You can now have formatting in headers. Links will be stripped though.
~~-And later still: Added backlinks to TOC on headers (they only show if there is a ""{{toc}}"" on the page)
~-2006-07-25: Fixed ""{{toc}}"" so that line breaks in headings don't throw things off
~-2006-08-09: Refixed ""{{toc}}"" for handling bad wiki syntax; added title attribute: ""{{toc title="My page has this in it:"}}"" (defaults to "Page Contents")
~-2006-08-23: Changes to files action: added [[ | comprehensive MIME types]], tried to fix a LizW / IE-specific downloading problem.
~-2006-09-15: Added "Comments" link to ""{{files}}"" action, link goes to page CommentsOnFileName
~-2006-09-15: New feature: Chatter box (logged in users only) -- see top right of page. As of yet, extremely simple.
~-2006-11-03: ""{{cloud min="4"}"" -- generates a tag cloud of words used in (the current pages of) the wiki (TagCloud). Not smart enough to distinguish code from text. Use the "min" parameter to set minimum number of occurrences for listing.
~-2006-11-04: Slight improvements to tag cloud; changed text search to use REGEXP rather than LIKE. Search term is wrapped in [^a-zA-Z] as an attempt to simulate Perl "\b" (word boundary) functionality. [[ | Regular expression syntax]] can be used in the TextSearch field.
~-2006-11-06: Inspired by DenHum: ""{{cloud}}"" now has a //sort// parameter which can be 'alpha', 'strata', 'bubble', or 'none' to sort links by alphabetical order, size increasing, size decreasing, or unsorted. Default is 'alpha'.
~-2006-11-08: Simplified/fixed toc behaviour by duplicating formatters/wikka.php and ripping out everything not to do with headers. Unfortunately this means no wikka formatting within headers again (for the moment).
~~-moment is over. TOC changed to use Wiki syntax internally.
~-2006-11-08: ++(Unused) chatterbox now uses 'text/text' rather than 'text/xml' for responses, stops persistent errors in Firebug.++
~-2006-11-10: ++Chatterbox now notifies of new activity if closed. Back-end is now entirely XML-based. Improved string escaping. Semi-opaque on supporting browsers. Added to 'edit' page to support collaborative editing. Still has the occasional stutter when posting.++
~-2006-11-11: ++Chatterbox is persistent (open or closed) now across pages.++
~-2006-11-17: Multiple-select widgets for editing ACLs. Note that using "!" to negate is no longer an option as described on the "Edit ACLs" page.
~-2006-11-24: I //thought// we had more words than that. TagCloud now counts //all// the words in the wiki. Changed it to cache the cloud as going through the whole wiki takes some time (added a "regenerate" link at the bottom). Does not respect ACLs. Added "minlength" parameter for minimum word length to show (default 3). Raised minimum frequency ("min") from 4 to 50. Probably the minimum frequency should be some function of the total number of words in the wiki...
~-2007-05-03: added titlesonly="true" to rss
~-2007-06-29ish: ACL multiple-select now includes "!*" and "!+". There's a chance it'll work.
~-2007-08-03: FishBowl. Tweeter. Something like that.
~-2007-08-22: Chatterbox is now disabled (it got very little use). Replaced with FishBowl.
~-2007-08-23: Embed Google maps: ""{{googlemap geocode="address" width="500" height="300"}}"" or ""{{googlemap lat="49" long="-122" width="500" height="300"}}""
~-2007-10-09: Global Comments RSS feed at
~-2007-10-09: Added group management (bugs expected). See ManageGroups
~-2007-10-12: Removed HomePage link from header, linked title graphic to HomePage
~-2007-10-15: Page owner is notified when page is commented on
~-2007-10-16: Per-page comments RSS feeds (PageName/comments.xml)
~-2007-10-16: See what search queries brought users to pages: append "/queries" to the URL. There's a global option too.
~-2007-10-17: RecentlyCommented now only shows comments from pages that the user has access to
~-2007-10-26: ""{{todo}}"" action. Keeps a to-do list on a page, items are associated with that page. for times, you can say things like "tomorrow" or "+ 3 days" or "march 1" and it should be able to figure it out (see the [[ | PHP strtotime() documentation]]).
~-2007-10-29: Refixed comments RSS, now shows pages without an explicitly set ACL
~-2007-10-30: ""{{todo}}"" smaller font, added "Link" field, put in scrollable div, fixed colour logic, shortened dates (hover for full date/time)
~-2007-11-13: Page ACLs can now be linked. On a page's ACL control, select a different page that you would like to copy the ACL from. From then on, changes to the "parent" or "gatekeeper" page's ACL will apply to the other page as well. If you want, these can be chained so that Page A copies its ACL from Page B, which copies from Page C. Not sure why you'd want this though. **If a reference/parent page is deleted, all of the "inherited" ACLS will change to the wiki default (currently *,+,+).**
~~- Actually, scratch that "chaining" business, it could lead to circular references. New rule is that if a page gets its ACL from another page, then the former page can't be used as an ACL source.
~~- Mm-hm, user groups can have circular references too. I'm less inclined to fix this in the same fashion though. I could just put in a timeout...
~-2008-04-01: Changed "Link" to "Link/Note" in the ""{{todo}}"" action. Beware of strangenesses that may arise if you put links in notes. The regexes are problematic.
~-2008-04-03: Post MTG summit: adjusted print CSS a bit; fixed Groups (bonehead mistake, didn't pass user name to ""IsInGroup""); made cheapass ""{{youtube url=""}}"" action. Still thinking about WYSIWYG.
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