Hi, I'm Richard Berg. While I'm using (stuck with?) 'Tavi for my biggest wiki-site, I use Wikka for my personal site. I post on far too many internet forums, so you might recognize me from one of the websites on my bookmarks. If not, I'm just that random guy who contributes a snippet of code now & then and complains a lot ;-)

Local pages I'm interested in:

email: arsmod@rb.net [spell out the domain]

1/22/05 - Spam help! I have apparently been attacked by an army of spam bots. Has this happened to anyone else? For now, I am asking for your help with:

Whatever script they used (on multiple machines, no less) could certainly be used against any Wakka-like site with minimal modifications, so something has to be done...I will do what I can to help you guys combat future attacks as well as implement the new HTML attribute you've probably all heard about.

1/23/05 - with much quick assistance, the immediate threat is gone :) The DeleteSpam tool that was graciously ported over has real potential...I'll see if I have the ability or time to make it more widely useful.

1/05/08 - hi again. I was hit by a veritable flood of spam recently, much worse than before. I installed the experimental branch in hopes of using the new AdminPages tool, but found it would only revert the most recent attack on each given page. Plus, it was really slow ;-) Since I had hundreds of pages that had each been hit dozens of times, I decided to just purge things at a database level. With some help, I put together these SQL scripts:
-- delete most recent edits
DELETE FROM `wakka_pages` 
WHERE `ID` > 4000

-- cleanup: set Latest flag back where needed
UPDATE `wakka_pages` a INNER JOIN (SELECT max(`ID`) as `ID` 
							 FROM `wakka_pages`
						   GROUP BY `tag`) b
 		ON a.ID = b.ID
SET a.latest = 'Y'

You'll need to adjust the ID # of the most recent edits, and probably your table prefix too. Hope someone finds these useful.

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