Wikka Wiki User Pages

What It Does

The user pages add-on action provides search for all pages by specified user. It complements mypages by showing the page list for another user.




After installation it may be called from any page using the following syntax, although it would typically be accessed through the UserPages wiki page.
<a href="wikka.php?wakka=UserPages&user=UserName">See my pages</a>


The installation tarball for the add-on action is a available on the downloads page under WikkaWiki.

To install, download and save the tar.gz file into the actions subdirectory of your WikkaWiki installation, untar it, and set permissions to read-only. The following steps provide a walkthrough assuming your installation directory is /var/www/html/wikka. If your install path differs, steps one and two will require modification.

  1. Download wikka_user_pages.tar.gz to /var/www/html/wikka/actions/
  1. cd /var/www/html/wikka/actions
  1. tar -xvzf wikka_user_pages.tar.gz
  1. chmod 444 tag.php
  1. chown www-data:www-data userpages.php (or to your webserver user ID)

UserPages Page

Before this add on is truely useful, you should create a new wiki page named UserPages and add the following contents.


At this point the add-on is installed and ready to test. Goto your newly created UserPages page and try a search.

User Pages Screenshot

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