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Problems with Windows based servers?

Typing "http://MyWikkaSite/WikkaPage" does not work and I have to type "http://MyWikkaSite/wikka.php?wakka=WikkaPage".

I have a windows 2K base, Apache+PhP+MySql and no trouble so far with my Wikka. As I fear I could have broke something with some additional code of mine, I tried a new setup from scratch and still have the problem.
Any idea where this could comes from? --ChristianBarthelemy

Possible solutions

Solution for lowercasing url :
// split into page/method
if (preg_match("#^(.+?)/(.*)$#", $wakka, $matches)) list(, $page, $method) = $matches;
else if (preg_match("#^(.*)$#", $wakka, $matches)) list(, $page) = $matches;

#Fix lowercase mod_rewrite bug:
if (strtolower($page) == $page)
 $pattern = preg_quote($page, '/');
 if (preg_match("/($pattern)/i", urldecode($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']), $match_url))
  $page = $match_url[1];

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