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Type: Feature Addition
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See also:
Documentation: CloneHandlerInfo
Development: CloneHandler


ChristianBarthelemy (initial idea and code)
DarTar (bugfixes, error messages and modifications)


This modification adds a page handler that allows to duplicate the current page, provided a valid new name for the target page is specified.

Add /clone to the end of any page URL.

For example:

<div class="page">
 * Clone the current page and save a copy of it as a new page.
 * Usage: append /clone to the URL of the page you want to clone
 * This handler checks the existence of the source page, the validity of the
 * name of the target page to be created, the user's read-access to the source
 * page and write-access to the target page.
 * If the edit option is selected, the user is redirected to the target page for
 * edition immediately after its creation.
 * @package         Handlers
 * @subpackage        
 * @name              clone
 * @author            {@link http://wikka.jsnx.com/ChristianBarthelemy Christian Barthelemy} - original idea and code.
 * @author            {@link http://wikka.jsnx.com/DarTar Dario Taraborelli} - bugs fixed, code improved, removed popup alerts.  
 * @version           0.4
 * @since             Wikka
 * @input             string  $to  required: the page to be created
 *                            must be a non existing page and current user must be authorized to create it
 *                            default is source page name              
 * @input             string  $note  optional: the note to be added to the page when created
 *                            default is "Cloned from " followed by the name of the source page
 * @input             boolean $editoption optional: if true, the new page will be opened for edition on creation
 *                            default is false (to allow multiple cloning of the same source)
 * @todo              Use central library for valid pagenames.

// set defaults
$from = $this->tag;
$to = $this->tag;
$note = 'Cloned from '.$from; #i18n
$editoption = '';
$box = 'Please fill in a valid target ""PageName"" and an (optional) edit note.'; #i18n

// print header
echo $this->Format('==== Clone current page ====');

// 1. check source page existence
if (!$this->ExistsPage($from))
    // source page does not exist!
    $box = ' Sorry, page '.$from.' does not exist.'; #i18n
} else
    // 2. page exists - now check user's read-access to the source page
    if (!$this->HasAccess('read', $from))
        // user can't read source page!
        $box = ' //You are not allowed to read the source of this page.//'; #i18n
    } else
        // page exists and user has read-access to the source - proceed
        if ($_POST)
            // get parameters
            $to = ($_POST['to'])? $_POST['to'] : $to;
            $note = ($_POST['note'])? $_POST['note'] : $note;
            $editoption = (isset($_POST['editoption']))? 'checked="checked"' : '';
            // 3. check target pagename validity
            if (!preg_match("/^[A-ZÄÖÜ]+[a-zßäöü]+[A-Z0-9ÄÖÜ][A-Za-z0-9ÄÖÜßäöü]*$/s", $to))
                // invalid pagename!
                $box = '""<div class="error">You must specify a valid PageName</div>""'; #i18n
            } else
                // 4. target page name is valid - now check user's write-access
                if (!$this->HasAccess('write', $to))  
                    $box = '""<div class="error">Sorry! You don\'t have write-access to '.$to.'</div>""'; #i18n
                } else
                    // 5. check target page existence
                    if ($this->ExistsPage($to))
                        // page already exists!
                            $box = '""<div class="error">Sorry, the destination page already exists</div>""'; #i18n
                    } else
                        // 6. Valid request - proceed to page cloning
                        $thepage=$this->LoadPage($from); # load the source page
                        if ($thepage) $pagecontent = $thepage['body']; # get its content
                        $this->SavePage($to, $pagecontent, $note); #create target page
                        if ($editoption == 'checked="checked"')
                            // quick edit
                        } else
                            // show confirmation message
                            $box = '""'.$this->MiniHref('',$to).'"" was succesfully created!'; #i18n
        // build form
        $form = $this->FormOpen('clone');
        $form .= '<table class="clone">'.
            '<td><strong>Clone '.$this->Link($this->GetPageTag()).' to:</strong></td>'.
            '<td><input type="text" name="to" value="'.$to.'" size="37" /></td>'.
            '<td><strong>Edit note:</strong></td>'.
            '<td><input type="text" name="note" value="'.$note.'" size="37" /></td>'.
            '<input type="checkbox" name="editoption" '.$editoption.' /> Edit after creation '.
            '<input type="submit" name="create" value="Clone" />'.
        $form .= $this->FormClose();

// display messages
if (isset($box)) echo $this->Format(' --- '.$box.' --- --- ');
// print form
if (isset($form)) print $form;
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