Wikka Mod 040

Type: Feature Addition


DarTar (main credit for the idea and code)
DreckFehler (suggestions, comedy and code improvement)
Jason Tourtelotte (refinement and implementation)

Smart Page Titles


Before this mod, page titles in Wikka corresponded to their WikiName.
Although this is consistent with Wiki philosophy, in some cases having a dumb WikiName as a title is pretty limiting:

After this mod, page titles correspond to the first header found in the page. If no header is found, then the page's WikiName is displayed.


Add this code to /wikka.php:
	function PageTitle() {
		$title = "";
		$pagecontent = $this->page["body"];
		if (ereg( "(=){3,5}([^=]+)(=){3,5}", $pagecontent, $title)) {
			$formatting_tags = array("**", "//", "__", "##", "''", "++", "#%", "@@", "\"\"");
			$title = str_replace($formatting_tags, "", $title[2]);
		if ($title) return $title;
		else return $this->GetPageTag();

Then make the following change in /actions/header.php

       <title><?php echo $this->GetWakkaName()." : ".$this->GetPageTag(); ?></title>

       <title><?php echo $this->GetWakkaName()." : ".$this->PageTitle(); ?></title>
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