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==== Wikka Mod 040 ====
Type: Feature Addition
**DarTar** **(main credit for the idea and code)**
**DreckFehler** (suggestions, comedy and code improvement)
**[[JsnX | Jason Tourtelotte]]** (refinement and implementation)

====Smart Page Titles====


Before this mod, page titles in Wikka corresponded to their WikiName.
Although this is consistent with Wiki philosophy, in some cases having a dumb WikiName as a title is pretty limiting:
~-[[WikiName]]s make **""VeryLongTitlesQuiteDifficultToUnderstand""**;
~-They are not an optimal solution for visibility in search engines;
~-They cannot contain accents or other special characters;

After this mod, page titles correspond to the first header found in the page. If no header is found, then the page's WikiName is displayed.


Add this code to /wikka.php:
function PageTitle() {
$title = "";
$pagecontent = $this->page["body"];
if (ereg( "(=){3,5}([^=]+)(=){3,5}", $pagecontent, $title)) {
$formatting_tags = array("**", "//", "__", "##", "''", "++", "#%", "@@", "\"\"");
$title = str_replace($formatting_tags, "", $title[2]);
if ($title) return $title;
else return $this->GetPageTag();

Then make the following change in ##/actions/header.php##

%%(php) <title><?php echo $this->GetWakkaName()." : ".$this->GetPageTag(); ?></title>%%
%%(php) <title><?php echo $this->GetWakkaName()." : ".$this->PageTitle(); ?></title>%%
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