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CssThemes @ WakkaWiki

Also check WikkaSkinSelector for an easier way of installing skins

CSS Themes

This 'hack' is a different way to create themes, using only css and cookies. This method does not require you to make multiple headers and footers like WakkaThemes does and will help to maintain consistency on your Wakka.
Place all of the css files in your css/ folder.

First create a page called 'wikiskin.php' with the following code, replace foo.com with your own domain name, and place the file in your css/ folder. This is the file that when linked to will create the cookies that will be stored on the users computer. $wikiskin is the skin they have chosen.
$wikiskin = $set;
setcookie ('wikiskin', $set, time()+31536000, '/', 'foo.com', '0');
$wikiskin = $set;
header("Location: $HTTP_REFERER");

Then open up actions/header.php, and change this line (in the head data of the page)

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="<?php echo $this->GetConfigValue("base_url") ?>css/wakka.css" />

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="<?php echo $this->GetConfigValue("base_url") ?>css/<?php echo (!$wikiskin)?'wakka':$wikiskin ?>.css" />

The added code is bolded. This code checks to see if there is a cookie set on the users computer, and if there is it uses that skin, if not it reverts to the default skin, in this case the generic wakka skin.

Lastly create a topic called WikkaSkins or whatever you feel like calling it. Then, add the links that will let users change skins, in this format:
The above link will set the users skin to fooskin
Now your done. For an example, visit http://mcshasta.com/w/WikiSkins

The setup on my wakka is as follows.
files in the css/ folder: wakka-original.css, wakka-blue.css, wikiskin.php
head data: <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="<?php echo $this->GetConfigValue("base_url") ?>css/<?php echo (!$wikiskin)?'wakka-blue':$wikiskin ?>.css" />

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