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= Bug in edit.php! =

There's a bug in the edit-handler, which locks you up, when you preview a page containing a form itself. The problem is that the html-code (containing a form itself) is placed within the edit-form (i.e. after the opening <form...>-tag and before the closing </form>).

Try it yourself with the TextSearch-page. Visit that page, edit it, hit "preview" and try to re-edit. got it? ;)

You can fix that problem by editing the file edit.php (in the "handlers/page"-directory).

search for this line:

$output .= $this->Format($body);

and move it upwards after the line

$output .= "<div class=\"commentinfo\">Preview</div>\n";

the next two lines will open the editor-form (those three buttons at the bottom of the preview-page):

$output .=

so you'll have two different forms on the preview-page, which aren't nested anymore (that was the problem, why the preview is screwed up).


-- DreckFehler
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