Wikka Mod 007

Type: Bug Fix


Jason Tourtelotte

The install file creates a body_r field in the pages table. This field appears to be never used.

Removed this from install.php:
"body_r text NOT NULL,".

May be "body_r" was for "body_resume", the equivalent of the present "note" field. But the name "body_r" means nothing and does not explain what it is used for. However, naming a field as "note" makes it very easy to understand what data can be expected.

(To be deleted : Ok. Could you publish the DB model in order, if possible, to keep compatibility between wakka forks ? See : http://www.wikini.net/wakka.php?wiki=ModeleDeDonneesDeWikiNi. We intend to introduce the "note" functionnality in WikiNi. I will propose to use the same name. -- CharlesNepote)
I don't know if i understand you correctly but take a look at WikkaTableStructure. NilsLindenberg
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