Development page for the mime-types file


Note 1 : The mime_types.txt file isn't yet used by Wikka, so Note 2 below doesn't concern Wikka actually (version But a file named mime_types.txt is distributed with Wikka, and is configured with $this->config['mime_types']

Note 2 : Usually, we use the extension .css for Cascading StyleSheet files, and their content-type should be text/css. Unfortunately, css extension is registered with
application/x-ilinc-pointplus. RFC2318 suggests the extension css for cascading stylesheet files, but hasn't registered it. This conflict concerns not only Wikka but the entire www community. The workaround I've found is to use another extension (css2) for my css files.

(For WikkaOptimization, I plan to use gzip-encoding for all text files. Without adding the correct content-type with header(), these files will be served as text/html. I tried to use the file mime_types.txt but css are served as application/x-ilinc-pointplus. The workaround I've found is to use another extension, .css2 for Cascading Stylesheet files.)

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