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New action {{googleform1}} with the Google gif logo:

Modified files:
WikkaWiki version release allows only the Administrator to have any meaningfull use of the {{files}} action. Here is my modification of files.php and handler/page/files.xml.php that allow only the
owner of a Wiki page to upload files, and owner and the Administrator can delete them:

Modified usersettings.php:
Also WikkaWiki version login/register actions returns often confusing error messages
(e.g., if a registered user makes an error in his WikiName, he gets an error message
"You must specify an email address", which may be rather confusing to a properly registered
user). Here is my attempt to straighten this up (e.g., if no e-mail
address and repeated password is entered, the code's guess is that there is a typing
error in the user name):

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