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This is the documentation page for the {{mapstraction}} action.


Short description

This action outputs a map of a given map provider. The mapstraction scripts support different providers. Some need keys for usage, some have withdrawn their service (e.g. Microsoft, MapQuest).


To use this action you'll need the scripts you find here:

Put them into the directory [your wikka installation directory]/3rdparty/plugins/mapstraction/. Furthermore you should add this line to you wikka.config.php:
    'mapstraction_path' => '3rdparty/plugins/mapstraction',

Of course, you can choose a different path -- but why?


namestringoptionalmapstractionIf more than one map on a page is used, the name should be specified. The name parameter will be used as id of the div container, the map will be displayed in.
latitudefloatoptionalLatitude of the center of the map, formatted as float value. Positive values are northern hemisphere, negative values are southern hemisphere.
longitudefloatoptionalLongitude of the center of the map, formatted as float value. Positive values are eastern hemisphere, negative values are western hemisphere.
widthstringoptional300pxThe width of the map. You can specify any value that's allowed in CSS.
heightstringoptional300pxas width
maptypeintegeroptional11: road map, 2: satellite map, 3: hybrid map
zoomintegeroptional4Zoom level as used by Google
overviewbooleanoptionalFALSEWether an overview map should be displayed or not.
markersintegeroptional0to come

Long description

Place for a longer description.

with code from NilsLindenberg, SamuelDR and FrankChestnut

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