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Development: LastFMAction.
This is the documentation page for the LastFM action, version 1.1.x .


Short description
Embed the widgets of .

srcchart|radio|plist|quiltyes-Set which widget you want to have displayed.
userstringyesSet which user you want as data source (lastfm-username!).
floatleft|rightoptionalleftWhere should your box appear?
stylered|blue|black|greyoptionalgreySet the skin of the widgets.
widthnumber of pixeloptionalthe lastfm proposalThe width of the widget.
heightnumber of pixeloptionalthe lastfm probosalThe height of the widget.
size[small|medium|large] (quilt)
[regular|mini] (radio&playlist)
Set the widgets size to a lastfm proposal. If you set this, setting of height or width is ignored.
autostarttrue|falseoptionalfalseOnly radio & playlist Set wether the radio should start on load or not.
orienthori|vertoptionalvertOnly quilt Choose if you want to have the quilt horizontal or vertical. If you set this, setting of height or width is ignored.
type1) [recently|otracks|oartists|wtracks|wartists]
2) [album|artist]
yes, if src = [chart|quilt]1) Only chart Choose which charts the chart-widget should display
2) Only quilt Choose which pix the quilt should display.

Long description
Embed widgets into your wiki. May be usefull on UserPages.

{{lastfm src="chart" user="#####" OPTIONS (see above)}}

{{lastfm src="chart" user="testuser" type="oartists" float="left" style="grey" width="184" height="140" }}
{{lastfm src="radio" user="testuser" autostart="false" float="right" style="black" size="mini" }}
{{lastfm src="plist" user="testuser" autostart="true" float="left" style="red" size="mini" }}
{{lastfm src="quilt" user="testuser" type="album|artist" float="right" style="blue" size="large" orient="hori" }}

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