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This is the documentation page for LDAPauthentication.


Short description
Authenticates a user against a LDAP directory.

Parameters and configuration
Three configuration parameters have been added to wikka.config.php:

user_identificationstringrequiredwikkaSet to 'ldap' to enable LDAP authentication
ldap_serverstringrequiredName or IP address of the LDAP server
ldap_namestringrequiredLDAP Relative Distinguished Name (RDN) to use in the bind() operation. Its value depends on your directory's structure

Long description
With this extension, it is possible to add to the built-in authentication of WikkaWiki an alternative authentication method: the lookup of the user's credentials (login/password) into a LDAP-compliant directory. The main benefit is that it is not necessary for users to remember a specific password in order to log into the wiki.


To-do, bugs and limitations


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