Well, here we go. I can tell you one thing, as nice as this Wiki looks (and it really does), I am thoroughly befuddled. I spent a loooong time searching around for how to post a comment. I am sure it is UNBELIEVABLY EASY AND IDIOT-PROOF to post a comment, thanks to, no doubt, some totally clever and excellent design, but all that is for nothing if a new user can't quickly find out how to do it...

Intuitiveness is in the eye of the beholder, and authors are notoriously blind to the non-intuitiveness of their creations (for pretty obvious reasons, I think). Therefore, I hope you will take this comment not as a whine, but as a helpful bit of advice. (Very helpful, IMHO.)

OK, I still don't know how to post a comment, so I hope what I'm doing right now is it.

Now, my comment, or rather, my question is: what can of support does Wikka have for math formulae? Can it handle LaTeX? (I know that DarTar is a LaTeX maven, so I thought that, of course, Wikka would support LaTeX, but I was not able to find any explicit mention of it in the Features page.

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