Thanks to everyone involved with Wikka Wiki!

I tried TWiki a couple? years ago and found it overkill for what I had in mind for a quick departmental knowledge base. I'm happy to find Wikka appears quite able to fill this need. The primary features for us had to be simplicity and flexibility. We're a small staff with a wide range of expertise (high to low), so I needed something people could dive right into without being encumbered by the engine or overwhelmed by the options.

Wikka is about as straightforward as any wiki I've tried this month. ;-)
I went from Mambo (not a wiki), to Wikka, to Media Wiki, revisited TWiki, to pmWiki, and back to Wikka. I considered docuwiki and Moin Moin. I liked their list of features, but in the end, I preferred the handling of ACLs in Wikka as well as the simple (clear) formatting rules. Again, I want my peers to hit the ground running with respect to contributing, not spending a lot of time perusing formatting rules.

Thanks again,

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