UPDATE: With a move of servers, we went with WP, I'm sorry to say. For an low-brow end-user like me, there were some difficulties that were hard to overcome. But it was a positive experience overall, and I appreciate the help I got from other users here.

Well, I did it! In mid-Oct/05, I (with the help of a friend) installed WikkaWiki for my Portuguese site. Have translated much of it, and put over 100 pages on it so far. http://alcanceweb.com/ I'm not so happy with the image action, having to use the upload feature on a separate page to get them to load. That needs urgent work, to my mind.

And only the admin can upload? I'm working on another site, and I need users to be able to upload images, so I'm having to reconsider using wikka for that one. But I like wikka for what I'm doing in the site linked above. I found how to let users upload images, so that's better ...

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