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UPDATE: With a move of servers, we went with WP, I'm sorry to say. For an low-brow end-user like me, there were some difficulties that were hard to overcome. But it was a positive experience overall, and I appreciate the help I got from other users here.

Well, I did it! In mid-Oct/05, I (with the help of a friend) installed WikkaWiki for my Portuguese site. Have translated much of it, and put over 100 pages on it so far. I'm not so happy with the image action, having to use the upload feature on a separate page to get them to load. That needs urgent work, to my mind.

And only the admin can upload? I'm working on another site, and I need users to be able to upload images, so I'm having to reconsider using wikka for that one. But I like wikka for what I'm doing in the site linked above. // I found how to let users upload images, so that's better ...//

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