Installing Wikka at free hosting

version : Wikka- Released on January 24, 2005

very important: ( thanks TimoK)
Lycos doesn't support mod_rewrite, so turning off the mod_rewrite-mode in wikka (and deleting the .htaccess)

You will see the install Screen:

use the following settings:

Wikka Installation
Since there is no existing Wikka configuration, this probably is a fresh Wikka install. You are about to install Wikka Please configure your Wikka site using the form below.

NOTE: This installer will try to write the configuration data to the file wikka.config.php, located in your Wikka directory. In order for this to work, you must make sure the web server has write access to that file! If you can't do this, you will have to edit the file manually (the installer will tell you how).

See Wikka:WakkaInstallation for details.

Database Configuration
The host your MySQL server is running on. Usually "localhost" (ie, the same machine your Wikka site is on).


MySQL host: localhost

The MySQL database Wikka should use. This database needs to exist already before you continue!

MySQL database: nsfm_es_db

Name and password of the MySQL user used to connect to your database.

MySQL user name: nsfm

MySQL password:

Prefix of all tables used by Wikka. This allows you to run multiple Wikka installations using the same MySQL database by configuring them to use different table prefixes.

Table prefix: wikka_

Wikka Site Configuration
The name of your Wikka site. It usually is a WikiName and looks SomethingLikeThis.

Your Wikka's name:

Your Wikka site's home page. Should be a WikiName.

Home page:

META Keywords/Description that get inserted into the HTML headers.
Meta Keywords:
Meta Description:

GeSHi Configuration
GeSHi comes bundled with Wikka to provide syntax highlighting for code. If you already have GeSHi installed and would like to use that installation instead of the Wikka-bundled one, you may change the paths below.
GeSHi path:
GeSHi language files path:
Wikka provides some basic GeSHi configuration. You may change the default parameters below.
GeSHi can wrap a code block in either a div tag (default) or a pre tag (simpler markup but won't allow line wrapping).
Code wrapper (div or pre):
GeSHi can add line numbers to code; if you enable this, users can "turn on" line numbers by setting a start line number.
Disable line numbers (0), or enable normal (1) or fancy (2) line numbers:
GeSHi assumes a tab width of 8 positions; for code, 4 is more usual though. You can define the tab width to be used below.
Tab width:

Administrative account configuration
Enter admin username. Should be a WikiName.
Admin name:
Choose a password for administrator (5+ chars)
Enter password:
Repeat password:
Administrator email.

Wikka URL Configuration
Since this is a new installation, the installer tried to guess the proper values. Change them only if you know what you're doing!
Your Wikka site's base URL. Page names get appended to it, so it should include the "?wakka=" parameter stuff if the funky URL rewriting stuff doesn't work on your server.
Base URL:
Rewrite mode should be enabled if you are using Wikka with URL rewriting.
Rewrite Mode: Disabled


The added in wikka.config.php (example):
"banner_insert" => "1",

i see here the solution

many thanks
I have someone errors this :

The posible solutions is in
I look in
thanks Jnsx

to be continuee..................................

Ok, repair 90 % error , missing foot in
look at this please , thanks

Another problem in Lycos................
Here missing foot
look at this please , thanks

The solution by JavaWoman (thanks)

OK, the following simple CSS fix should solve most display problems:
- edit /css/wikka.css
- find the entry for .page
- at the end this has the rule: height: 100%;
- change this to: height: auto;

The change in /css/wikka.css (example):
height: auto;

ok , in this moment is ok 98%
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