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====Independent Reviews====

This is a list of opinions taken from independent reviews of Wikka. Please feel free to add you own external links and review summaries.


~-[[ AjaxLine: 10 Best Wiki Engines]] --- [2009-07-09]
~//Large comprehensive documentation; several active mailing lists and IRC channel//


~-[[ CrunchBang: Wikka Wakka Wiki]] --- [2008-02-10]
~//Regarding the WikkaWiki software, it's quite impressive and fairly easy to work with. I looked at several other PHP based wiki projects, but IMHO WikkaWiki was the best — apart from maybe MediaWiki, but then I considered that to be overkill for my needs. If you're starting a new wiki then I'd certainly recommend at least looking into the possibility of using WikkaWiki. It has many great features, some that I noticed include://
~~-//a super easy installation process//
~~-//a nice default design and easy to customise CSS//
~~-//code base is very hackable, including actions/plugins//
~~-//RSS feeds for recently updated content, comments etc//
~~-//syntax highlighting of published code, courtesy of the GeSHi plugin//
~~-//it's super scary fast//
~//All-in-all WikkaWiki has impressed me a lot; besides, if it's good enough for [[ Puppy Linux]], it's good enough for me ;)//


~-[[ xyzzyB Wikka Wiki]] --- [2006-05-17]
~//The wiki uses the fantastic Wikka Wiki software. I had a trial wiki setup using MediaWiki but found that software to be rather cumbersome for a small wiki. (...)//
~//So after a quick browse on Wikipedia’s wiki software list I found Wikka Wiki and was quickly enamored with its friendly community and decent feature list. Once I saw that its pages rendered nicely in Lynx I was hooked. The only thing I need to change for text browsers is that external links get an infinity symbol added on by default, which in the text browsers makes them look like Slashdotinfty.//

~-[[ Wikis and thought libraries]] ---[2006-03-28]
~//I stumbled across WikkaWiki, home page here. It has integrated FreeMind and displays them within the actual WikkaWiki pages. In fact, WikkaWiki has a slew of embeddable elements from images to RSS feeds to Flash. It's pretty close to the "keep track of my meandering" type tool I'm looking for. But it's modal and I don't want modal. Everyone is building //vi// and I want //emacs//.//

~-[[ More Random Coolness]] ---[2006-03-16]
~//WikkaWiki looks quite interesting from that Wikipedia listing. The actual site for WikkaWiki is here. You can see it in action here. Those movies show it doing something akin to what I'd like a mind mapper to do, namely work as a combination of mind mapper, wiki, and browser all in one. WikkaWiki does allow you to link in mind maps without too much trouble, but it's still two separate apps. Again. Promising. By having it open along with a secondary browser I might almost have what I want. But the mindmapping software is separate -- but you can include it in the WikkaWiki. Like I said, promising.//

~-[[ Vergleich von Wiki-Systemen]] ---[2006-02-03]
~//Sehr gelungen finde ich WikiMatrix, da es sehr übersichtlich gestaltet ist und man auswählen kann welche Systeme man gegeneinander vergleichen kann. Dabei habe ich festgestellt das WikkaWiki sich schon sehr weit entwickelt hat und das man u.a. mit Hilfe der Erweiterungen einiges anstellen kann.//


~-[[ Hashdef - Choosing a lightweight wiki]] --- [2005-11-08]
~//I wanted a wiki for my site, as I find wiki a wonderful tool for collaborative development of ideas. I needed to make a choice, so I googled for wiki comparision tables, and reviews. I found several of them, and at first I chose MediaWiki as the most well known wiki out there. Well, after I have downloaded it and have taken a quick look around, it ticked me that it was way too big than what I imagined it would be. After careful investigation of the same comparison tables I put my finger on WikkaWiki that, compared to lots of other lightweight wiki tools is still being developed.//
~//Installation was a breeze, quick and easy. I put a full copy of the distribution in a separate directory, and linked to it from where I wanted my wiki to be. I wanted several of them in different places and separate, and that way I was able to make that happen with ease. Everything happens on a single installation page, and after you have filled it with all necessary data, it creates the database tables for you, and initializes your wiki. The configuration file is put in the local directory, and you are free to modify it if needed.//

~-[[ Dealing with Wikis]] --- [2005-10-29]
~//Finally I found WikkaWiki, and I saw opened Heaven: small, easy to install and use, good security, customizable by CSS and very important XHML 1.0 compliant.//

~-[[ Some call me... Tim - Wiki: wikka wakka wiki]] --- [2005-10-15]
~// The Wikka wakka wiki is sensational. Very programmer friendly. Lots of little coding examples. Very easy to extend.//

~-[[ The other blog: How to choose a wiki]] --- [2005-10-14]
~//I’ve been trying to find a wiki engine that suits my needs and at the moment I quite like Wikka partly because I’ve managed to meet a few of the items on my criteria list below. A Good Wiki Should…//
~~-//Look nice//
~~-//Separate Interface From Content//
~~-//Easily Handle Media and Documents//
~~-//Show Recent Changes on the HomePage//
~~-//Offer RSS newsfeeds//
~~-//Have A “Simple Syntax”//
~~-//Use A WYSIWYG Editor//
~~-//Handle Spam//
~~-//Have Permissions//
~~-//Be Easily Hackable//
~~-//To Be More Than Just A Page// [[ (

~-[[ Neotextus: Mindmaps]] --- [2005-09-27]
~//I've been interested in Soft Systems Methodology for many years, including taking serveral courses based on the work of Peter Checkland and others as part of my ""BSc"", but I've always been disappointed by the lack of tool support for the approach. Last week I was looking for a light weight Wiki solution to deploy on an older machine, and I came across Wikka Wiki, which had built in support for FreeMind, a superb free (as in speach) mind map solution.//

~-[[ Ramblings of an Idiot: Another good wiki]] --- [2005-08-15]
~//I enjoy wikis; they're a very useful way to store (and view) information. I recently wrote about Instiki. I needed a new wiki to use for phpmygrades, so I started lookin’ around. Sourceforge recommends you keep a lot of your data (especially stuff that’s written to by the webserver) in a MySQL database. Because of this, I tried Wikka, and I am //very// pleased with it! I’m too lazy to write a full review right now (and I’ll probably stay this way for quite some time…), so I’ll just note a few good points I noticed://
~~-//the installation process really couldn’t be much easier//
~~-//the default interface is amazingly beautiful//
~~-//it seems incredibly fast//

~-[[ Left on the web - WikkaWiki]] --- [2005-08-04]
~//After trying various other Wiki implementations, I came by WikkaWiki. It has all the usual features of a wiki, but isn't too loaded with features that I don't need. I just need some wiki functionality. Looking at the code, it was quite easy to customize. And fully XHTML and CSS-based, which is also a big plus.//

~-[[ Information efficiency — Manage ToDo with Wiki]] --- [2005-07-03]
~//My personal knowledge/life/research management system is based on a wiki system (was zwiki, now [[Docs:WikkaWiki Wikka wiki]]). When I am working on something by extensively using one or more Wiki pages, I usually use the Wikka category feature to mark a page as ""CurrentWork"" (sometimes plus a certain degree of importance) so later I can retrieve them by visiting a dynamically generated ""CurrentWork"" page. --- However, the unit of organization has to be a page. I am against prematurely creating too many low granularity pages so I have many ongoing big Wiki nodes which will only be broken down into small ones later when necessary. Within some big nodes, I have small todos which can be marked with a couple of unique strings. Wikka provides a feature called Text Search Expanded which will return the context a search string resides in along with the page title. When I search those unique strings, I can get a list of smaller todos. Using it in combination with the category feature, I feel it very productive. It works like tagging but the granularity level is much lower.//

~-[[ theWebSocket — So why Wikka Wiki?]] --- [2005-06-23]
~//Features that make Wikka Wiki a winner://
~~-//[[RSSInfo RSS feeds]]. Suppose you like to write on the web, but hate the reverse-chronology shackles of weblog software. On the other hand, you want people to be able to read your most recent scribbling as you publish it. An RSS enabled wiki allows the freedom of a wiki and the syndication of a weblog.//
~~-//[[Docs:ACLInfo Flexibility]]. Okay, technically a wiki should be open to everyone to read, write, and edit. But what if you want to keep out the Anonymous Cowards who like to drop by and take a dump in your space? Wikka wiki allows some flexibility in who can play in your sandbox.//
~~-//[[Docs:CommentPageInfo Comments]]. So you want the wiki to be an intertwingling of your own making, but you want others to be able to drop by and point out your more obvious warts. Wikka wiki has comments built in.//
~~-//[[Docs:WikkaFeatures Over-powered]]. Doug Miller commented the other night that MySQL seem to be overkill when it came to running a wiki, and that something like SQlite would be a-plenty. Too true. But the nice thing about over-engineering a product means that it has room to breath and grow. Not satisfied with the current feature set? No worries, pet.//
~//In short, it’s a dinkum wiki. Glad I took the time to install so many and play around with them before I settled on Wikka, and that OS X had most of the tools needed built into it’s foundation so that it was relatively painless to do so.//

~-[[ theWebSocket — Wikka - My wiki choice]] --- [2005-06-20]
~//I decided to build the Central Intake wiki using the WikkaWiki engine. It's responsive, has an almost "weblog"/word processor-like toolbar across the top for building links, and allows people to edit pages by "double-clicking" in the text area. --- I think people will catch on pretty qwikily. --- Later: How much do I like WikkaWiki? Enough to dump weblog software and use it instead.//

~-[[ Sidewalk Chalk Revolution — Wikimedia: A Disillusionment]] --- [2005-06-15]
~//I was recently looking around at wiki scripts to run my own wiki-based projects. Naturally, the first script I looked at was the MediaWiki script used by Wikipedia. In fact, at the time, I already had in mind to use that script. It had not occurred to me that there might be any other script to use. After opening up the script to poke around, however, I realized that it was so horrible that not only was I dissuaded from using it without looking for other scripts, I was resolved that it would probably be better to write my own wiki script than to use the MediaWiki script (luckily, I didn’t have to, because Wikka is pretty good)//

~-[[ — Alternative use for my wiki]] --- [2005-06-15]
~//I have been using my wiki on for keeping track of stuff that is not time-based (like the stuff here on ultramookie). But, I have found that the [[RSSInfo RSS]] facilities built into [[WikkaWiki Wikka Wakka Wiki]] is really useful! I am using my wiki a lot lately as my web-based newsreader because it is so simple to setup and use.//

~-[[ TextPattern Support Forum]] --- [2005-06-01]
~//I think WikkaWiki has some strong points, even compared to MediaWiki. To me, it’s a good balance between features and lightness. ([[ davidm]]) --- David, I fully agree I installed WikkaWiki locally today and I have played with it some and it’s just what I was looking for. It has all the features that I wanted without feeling like it is bloated like MediaWiki can be at times ([[ Niloc]])//

~-[[ The Learning Experience]] --- [2005-05-28]
~//Amongst the very many wikies available (all of them with very similar names!!) this is my favourite as it is very compact, easy to install, but yet offer the possibility to make certain pages public and certain others not.//

~-[[ Beyond Creativity — Technologies facilitating creativity]] --- [2005-05-24]
~//Roger Schank (1988) points out that creativity consists of two subprocesses: 1) Search process, looking among previously experienced explanation patterns. 2) Alteration process, modifying an explanation derived from one situation to be used in another. --- If I look at the subprocess 1, Internet search engines and new personalised search agents look quite promising to me with simplified ""UIs"". With these search tools it is quite easy to find out what is publicly known about the topic and whether my own approach is unique. Sometimes the ability to visualise things and see their connections is even more valuable. Therefore, I am currently excited about mindmap tools that could help me visualise large data masses like blogosphere (Mindmanager X5 and open source variants WikkaWiki linked to FreeMind).//

~-[[ The Site5 Community Forum]] --- [2005-05-22]
~//[M]y first wiki was MediaWiki, and I just decided it was.. 'too much'. I wanted something that was easier, cleaner interface, and where new users with something to say would be more likely to add content and ended up with WikkaWiki ([[ Jason Rahaim]])//

~-[[ Sinceretheory]] --- [2005-05-20]
~//I've come to the end of my reach with my current WikiEngine and its come to pick a new one. [...] I've decided to go with Wikka Wiki, which is a fork of a dead project called WakkaWiki. Yes, Wakka does sound familiar, and yes it was named after the Final Fantasy X character. Until reading further about each Get Wiki was going to be the primary choice, as it was a fork of an older version of ""MediaWiki"" (1.1.0). What made me choose Wikka was the fact that it supported embedding [[Docs:FreeMind FreeMind MindMaps]]. You can simply copy the 'code' of the [[FreeMind MindMap]] into the page and it will render a [[FreeMind MindMap]] into the page. Or you can simply upload your [[FreeMind MindMap]] to your domain and simply put a link to it. The WikiEngine will render the linked life into the page where the link is. Collapsible elements, icons, colours and all.. I just couldn't consider something else.//

~-[[]] --- [2005-05-16]
~ In this article about the competition between Microsoft and Lamp, Wikka is mentioned as one example for free software solutions running on lamp.

~-[[ Borderland — Committment]] --- [2005-05-05]
~//I think commitment is a mark of character and the prerequisite of success with any meaningful goal, and I would just like to give one more nod to the developers of Wikka Wiki for taking an active interest in my satisfaction with their product. Wikka Wiki has my vote for “wiki engine of the year.” It is truly The Little Wiki That Could. A powerful little tool that comes with a full set of features and a development team that is working hard to make it even more powerful and easy to use. [...] Wikka Wiki seems to be the perfect solution for what I need to do. It has an RSS capability which allowed me to display my delicious links to Wikka’s relevant support pages and create a custom support page; allows users to lock down any pages that they create, limiting read, write, and comment privileges - which may appeal to people doing educational research for a variety of reasons; presents a very simple interface and allows for categorization of content, making it easy to search; displays images, flash files, and also supportsFreeMind mind mapping software. There’s more, too. Take a look at the full feature list.//

~-[[ Wiki for Code Projects ]] --- [2005-05-01]
~//I have been running ""OpenWIKI"" (which sits on ASP and MSSQL). While it is great of of the 'box', it lacks file-uploads and features for handeling code snippets. Wikka a GPL, PHP, MYSQL wiki with much stronger features for formatting, attachments, and code snippets.//

~-[[ Wiki Engines]] --- [2005-04-24]
~//...Die Engine macht soweit einen recht flotten Eindruck, das Programm ist nicht übermässig gross und hat alle Features, die man so braucht. Nachdem es auch MySQL als Datenbackend nutzt, ist es zudem recht flott. Was es bisher leider noch nicht gelernt hat, sind Locales, damit ist die Benutzerführung bisher nur auf Englisch möglich. ...//

~-[[]] --- [2005-04-05]
~//Um strukturierte Textinhalte online abzulegen eignet sich ein WiKi am besten. WikkaWiki ist eine schlanke und flexible Wiki-Engine. [...] Das WikkaWiki sticht durch seine einfache Installation sowie übersichtliche Stuktur, einfache Handhabung und sehr gut und ausführlich behandelte Dokumentation heraus. Es eignet sich auch für Wiki Neuanfänger, da es die Wiki Formatierungen ganz genau beschreibt. Auch ich selbst habe dieses Wiki für meine Software-Dokumentationen udgl. im Einsatz und kann dieses Programm nur weiterempfehlen.//

~-[[ Learning PHP]] --- [2005-03-30]
~//Wikka is an Wiki written in PHP with some great features: --- PHP and MYSQL make it lightweight and fast. (Okay so that’s propaganda from the website but it really is great.) --- Page level security so you can determine which pages can be viewed and edited by others. --- Like other Wikis it uses the CamelCase syntax for links to other pages but it also has some neat tricks for creating elements like lists, horizontal bars, etc. --- Its functionality can be extended using plugins called actions. People have written actions to display rss feeds and calendars among others.//

~-[[ Information Efficiency]] --- [2005-03-28]
~//I think WikkaWiki is a very under-rated powerful wiki system. If you look at the feature list, it has many thoughful productive features which overcome some of the limitation of a wiki system.//

~-[[ My Own Wiki]] --- [2005-03-22]
~//I couldn’t find any wiki software that I liked. Some were too simple, some were too hard, some did not work, and mostly some did not have access control as I wanted. I finally stumbled on one named Wikka Wiki which has most of the features that I wanted without the bloat and side-effects. It runs nicely, I finally got a chance to get it installed and running.//

~-[[,guid,d14cf225-9a58-4188-a6fe-22c029231b30.aspx .Net Thinking — WikkaWiki]] --- [2005-02-06]
~//I choose Wikka because I really liked how it works compared to flexwiki, plus it has built in FreeMind integration, which I just found phenomenally cool. Wikka itself was very easy to setup, and just as quick to get up to speed using it. I'm also a big fan of how it handles security per page, basically keeping a separate ACL for each page where you can specify who can see, edit, and comment on the page.//

~-[[ Tim Yang's Geek Blog — WikkaWiki ]] --- [2005-01-27]
~//I love this new wiki. It's the only one I found that has commenting feature for each page and a good log of activity. I'm using a copy of it to collaborate with two people on writing a book about Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur for international interns arriving here.//

~-[[ Innovation Weblog — Wiki supports FreeMind mind maps ]] --- [2005-01-27]
~//Thanks to a link submitted for consideration in the ""InnovationTools"" links directory, I just learned that Wikka, an open-source wiki tool, enables you to embed mind maps created in FreeMind, a free program written in Java. You can either link to an external FreeMind map, or you can embed it directly into a Wikka page. Very cool!//

~-[[ Silent Penguin — A Wikka Wiki this way way came]] --- [2005-01-24]
~//After chatting to the guys on #mobitopia over the weekend I took the plunge and installed a Wiki on my box this morning. I chose the Wikka Wiki and in all the installation is painless. Upload the unpacked distribution to a web-visible directory. Create a MySQL database. Call the Wikki installation page, fill out a couple of fields and off you go.//

~-[[ Best Wiki - Sean Bonner]] --- [2005-01-16]
~//I was using Twiki for a while and it worked great but for a personal wiki it was really too full featured and I found myself worrying about a lot of things I didn't need to. I switched over to Wikka Wakka Wiki which is a snap to install and it's stripped down to just the basics so it's perfect for my own useses. We're also using that for the public and internal Metroblogging wikis and it's turned out to be really great. That's my experience anyway.//

~-[[ MethoLogi — Brain Extension]] --- [2005-01-05]
~//I like ""MindMaps"" for brainstorming and storing keywords with links but it's less suitable for lots of information and collaboration.
~So I was looking for an alternative. I liked the Wiki concept but I missed the visual representation of the information (and relationships within the wiki). But then I stumbled upon the Wikka Wiki. It's a nice clean wiki with an integration with freemind. The next release should integrate even better.
~Now I'm testing the Wikka Wiki and FreeMind and it looks very promising.//


~-[[ Ian Berry's blog — WikkaWiki]] --- [2004-12-21]
~//Wakka had a few limitations of its own, such as relying on the tab character with no practical way of using it, lack of strike through text, lack of source code highlighting, lack of tables, etc. I also realized that Wakka had officially stopped development in March 2004, which spawned a whole slew of forks.
~[...] After perusing through the list, Wikka Wiki stood out as containing a number of new features while adhering to Wakka's simplistic UI. Best of all, it comes with a javascript-based editor that can be used to apply formatting, lists, links, etc to your document. A few other notable features over Wakka include inline images, built-in search, and source code highlighting.//

~-[[ — WikkaWiki]] --- [2004-12-03]
~//While other wiki engines are mostly cumbersome to install and handle Wikka is a perfect example for simplicity in both areas.//

~-[[ Netbib — Mit Wikis als "application building tools" herumspielen]] --- [2004-10-18]
~//Wikka, eine andere Wiki-Software, ist offenbar sowohl für Administratoren als auch für Autoren noch einfacher zu handhaben, und ist sicherlich unschlagbar für alle, die schon Websites in HTML geschrieben haben und die dabei gewonnenen Fertigkeiten weiter anwenden möchten. Wikka ist auch schön, wenn man zu jeder einzelnen Wiki-Seite sofort einen RSS-Feed haben will, oder gar Mindmaps.//

~-[[ — Combining Freemind and WikkaWiki]] --- [2004-10-14]
~//One of the absolute plusses of (...) WikkaWiki is that it is possible to dynamically include Freemind mindmaps, keeping them clickable and all. This (...) beats Freeminds basic HTML-export handily by offering you the real thing.//

~-[[ Netbib — Ein Wiki, das Mindmaps integriert]] --- [2004-09-08]
~//[Der] vielleicht wichtigste Nachfolger der legendären Wiki-Engine WakkaWiki//

~-[[ NSK — WikkaWiki]] --- [2004-09-07]
~//Wikka is a very promising lightweight but still immature wiki engine that can power small wikis quickly and efficiently. After it matures, it could become a serious competitor to other more known wiki engines.//

~-[[ Uniwakka — Alternative Wiki engines]] --- [2004-09-03]
~//""WikkaWiki"" — Developed by Jason Tourtelotte is a very nice wiki engine, standards-compliant, feature-rich wakka fork. Probably the best around.//

~-[[ — WikkaWiki]] --- [2004-08-11]
~//De wiki hier gebruikt op het moment WikkaWiki. De reden daarvoor is dat de code daarvan netter gebleven is. En gezien het aantal aanpassingen dat er toch gemaakt wordt in de code is dat wel zo handig.//

~-[[ Framasoft — Wikka Wiki]] --- [2004-07-19]
~//[Nous] avons particulièrement apprécié l’éditeur (compatible IE mais surtout Mozilla), la possibilité de créer facilement des catégories et la présence d’un fil XML-RSS des modifications.//

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