How to improve RecentChanges

Some sparse suggestions.

  1. Replace ⇒ with ⇐: IMO it makes more sense to have the arrow point FROM the author TO the PAGE, for instance:
        (08:45 UTC) [history] -  UserAdmin ⇐ DarTar [Updating links and changelog]

  1. Give admins freedom to choose through an action parameter what links should be displayed: history, revisions, none, both;

  1. Make the author's name clickable if the corresponding page exists. (see FormatUserMethod)
    Since this might clutter up the page with a lot of links, I suggest we add a simple username check to the link parser and a special CSS class for userpages. The parser will check if a given link corresponds to an existing user page; if it does, the link is rendered with a class="user" attribute. If it doesn't, raw text is displayed instead of a link. For instance:
        (08:45 UTC) [history] -  UserAdminDarTar [Updating links and changelog]
    Such functionality makes sense also outside the scope of the RecentChanges action. It would be nice to mark links to internal user pages in a different, CSS-driven way. As a further extension, links corresponding to user pages could be given a specific tail (much as external links), for instance an icon or a some specific HTML code. See LinkTails for further discussions on this issue.

Your thoughts?

    1. Change the name "RecentChanges" to "RecentlyChanged" (both page and action!) - analogous to "RecentlyCommented" - because that's what it is. (Note that I have already created a "RecentComments" page, and have been able to do that since there is at least an action provided for both "views"; for "changes" this is not the case.)
    1. Make a real RecentChanges action.
    1. Make corresponding pages for both actions like we have now for comments.
    1. Provide feeds (for both) in several modern formats: RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0, Atom.

feed icons

seems like these icons will be the standard in the future.
the xml icon is nice but it's not clear that it is a feed. i have already replaced it (also please note that
it is a feddburner feed actually -- perhaps this could be also configurable?)
also i would like to add the feed icon (a small one 16x16 perhaps) to $navigation_links
and $logged_in_navigation_links but it's not trivial at the moment as far as i can tell...

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