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(!empty($vars['w'])) ? $w=$vars['w']: $w="300";
(!empty($vars['h'])) ? $h=$vars['h']: $h="90";
(!empty($vars['w'])) ? $w=$vars['w']: $w="280";
(!empty($vars['h'])) ? $h=$vars['h']: $h="70";

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====Insert ""ImageShack"".us upload form on page in an iframe ====
One of the ways I wanted to make life easier for my users was to try to make it easier for them to insert remotely-hosted images.
The first step was to create a simple action to insert an ""ImageShack"" upload form (see on a wiki page thus...
* imageshack.php
* Insert upload form on page in an iframe
* for details, terms & conditions etc visit
* Usage {{imageshack txtcolor="224466" w="280" h="70"}}
* (All parameters are optional)
* (txtcolor takes an rgb colour without the # : default is ImageShack default)
* (w is iframe width : default is ImageShack default)
* (h is iframe height : default is ImageShack default)
(!empty($vars['txtcolor'])) ? $txtcolor=$vars['txtcolor']: $txtcolor="111111";
(!empty($vars['w'])) ? $w=$vars['w']: $w="280";
(!empty($vars['h'])) ? $h=$vars['h']: $h="70";
echo "<iframe src=\"$txtcolor&type=blank\" scrolling=\"no\" frameborder=\"0\" width=\"$w\" height=\"$h\"> You must have an iframe-compatable browser to view the upload form.</iframe>";
Then I created a page using this action to display the form and giving some help on using images hosted by ""ImageShack"" on wikka pages.
====Insert Boilerplate Stub Explanation====
This is the simplest action imaginable, but I find it useful and I hope someone else does, too.
* stubtext.php
* Insert stub explanation text.
* Usage {{stubtext}}
* (no parameters)
echo $this->Format('>>===Note===This page is a [[Stub]] - you can help make this Wiki more useful by adding information to it. Just click on the "Edit page" link at the bottom left of the page or double-click on the page text. (You will have to [[UserSettings Register]] as a member first.)>>');
You may need to make minor changes to reflect a different page layout and/or delete the requirement to register, or whatever, but it does save a bit of time and provide a nice consistency of layout.

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