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A simple workaround discussed with DreckFehler (See comments in: WakkaWiki) to avoid massive linking from spambots. The link to the referrers page is only visible to registered users (and not to search engines). Make the following modification in footer.php:


<a href="<?php echo $this->href("referrers") ?>"
title="Click to view a list of URLs referring to this page.">Referrers</a> ::


<?php echo ($this->GetUser() ? "<a href='".$this->href("referrers")."'>Referrers</a> :: " : "") ?>

-- DarTar

Thanks. -- JsnX

Yeah, thanks a lot.

Additionally, I added

if ($this->GetUser()) {

to the top and

} else {
	print("<em>You have to be logged in to access referrer information.</em>");

to the bottom (at the appropriate places, of course ;) of both referrers.php and referrers_sites.php (handlers/page/, Wakka 0.1.2) to generally prevent access to these pages for beings who are not logged in.

--RalfLehmann, 2004-08-07
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