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My wishes
I have two ideas to improve the WikkaWiki.
1 Like in UserPagesAction i would like to be able to also specify the Category together with the owner. The result would be only selected Category pages created by user. I have not found this. Does some one know if it exists??
2 I would like to have a /table mode like the /edit mode. I would like all tables on the page to become like this:
For Selected:

When executing the table on the page the data will be processed and shown again.
There should also be the regular buttons for Preview and Store as in /edit mode.

The data should be put into a temporary table in MySql to be processed.

When the page is stored the data should be fixed in an regular table format for WikkaWiki.

Thanks for your attension.

Test Swedish åäö

URLform Action Documentation

This is the documentation page for the URLform action.


Short description
Display a textbox for typeing in the name of a page on the wiki.

qstringoptionalpage-nameThe searchstring which is shown in the box.

Long description
The text box works like you are tyoing in the name of a page you want to open. By default it puts in the name of the current page. you can after the page nam add modifiers like edit, clone. The button opens the page with the name in the box.

{{urlform [q="searchstring"]}}

{{urlform searchstring}}

Unknown action ""urlform""


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