Draft Document/Page

What It Does

The draft add-on action can be used to mark a page as a draft or incomplete document. By adding the {{draft}} action to any page, any user who views the page will see an overlay of the word draft on the page, similar to preview while in edit mode.

Why It's Useful

This may be useful in a fast-paced environment or with a rushed project when a coworker is just waiting for you to press the save button so they can use your documentation. Perhaps your working on a rather lengthy page and want to save you changes while you attend an important meeting; you don’t want that coworker to assume your finished, start using the incomplete document, and waste valuable time. That’s where the draft action comes to the rescue.




It’s pretty self-explainatory, but if you need help using it...


Download and Install

To install, download and save the wikka_draft.tar.gz file into the actions subdirectory of your Wikka Wiki installation, untar it, and set permissions to read-only. The following steps provide a walkthrough assuming your installation directory is /var/www/html/wikka. If your install path differs, steps two and three will need modified.

  1. Download wikka_draft-v01.tar.gz to your home directory
  1. cp ~/wikka_draft.tar.gz /var/www/html/wikka/actions/
  1. cd /var/www/html/wikka/actions
  1. tar -xvzf wikka_draft_document.tar.gz
  1. chmod 444 draft.php
  1. chown www-data:www-data draft.php (or to your webserver user ID)

At this point the draft document add-on is installed and ready to test. Try adding the action to any page and click Preview.

Add to FormattingRules

To add help for the draft action to the formatting rules page in Wikka Wiki, bring up the FormattingRules page in edit mode and add the following at the end, or wherever you prefer. If you insert it at a different location, the number (16) may vary.
===16. Draft Documents===
Add a ""<font style="font-size: xx-large;font-weight: bold;color:red;">Draft</font>"" floater to the document.


Draft Action

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