A new categorization system for Wikka

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Weaknesses of actual categorization system

Our actual (as of version system of categorization is based on word search. For example, if we have a category named CategoryBook, when we want to list all pages related to this category, the system searches in database for all pages containing the word CategoryBook. The main problems with this system are :

New categorization system proposed

The new categorization system proposed consists of using linktracking. If a page named MyBook is related to a category CategoryBook, it is normal that that page contains a link to the category page CategoryBook, isn't it? Fortunately, Wikka tracks also links between pages, so the pages MyBook and CategoryBook will be linked in table [table_prefix]links. Then, to find what pages are related to the category CategoryBook, it will be sufficient to search at the links table for pages linking to CategoryBook. That is to say, the pages related to a category CategoryBook are just the backlinks of the page named CategoryBook.
In other words (again), the new rules for the new categorization system proposed are :
  1. A page related to a category should link to that category, not only mention it as for now
    1. A page not related to a category should not link to that category. Thus, if you should write the word CategoryBook in a page not related to that category, you have to enclose the word CategoryBook in doubledouble quote in order to unlink it. (""CategoryBook""). The actual corresponding rule is to insert a space anywhere in the word, like Category Book.

Problem of implementation

BUT, there is an issue in actual (as of version linktracking system. For pages created by the Installer, the corresponding entries in the links table are not created. And they won't be created until you modify each page. In consequence, Category pages will be blank after initial install, and some pages will be missing on upgrade.
A fix is planned in the installation/upgrade to 1.1.7: The links table will be rebuilt just after install.

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