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you got it! that's exactly what my feed-action does. the precise values are a matter of taste, i regard a default of 30 minutes as suitable. the job is done with a check if the parameter drops below a defined threshold (what a missing parameter actually does, an incorrect string parameter is taken likewise as zero). in those cases the argument is set to the default value, otherwise you can proceed with the given argument. it really is that simple. ;)
> Thanks for the MD5 suggestion.
the only //real// benefit is that the directory listing gets a daunting scientific look ;) but if you need to pick out a specific file (perhaps for debugging purposes) your former code is the better one.

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Hmm... so if I'm understanding you correctly:
- Remove the ability for the user to specify the cache file. (done)
- Add a parameter that will allow some control over the cache time?
I like this idea. Maybe set the default to 15 minutes, but allow a parameter to bring this up or down. However, make it so the user can never go lower than a certain number, around 5 minutes.
Thanks for the MD5 suggestion. I had already added new code to use part of the parsed URL, but I like your suggestion better.
-- JsnX

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