Hi Folks,

My name is Gary Littleton, and my personal website is at http://www.garylittleton.net

I'm a researcher and software/hardware engineer. I was software architect for Texas Instruments for 26 years, and have my own company now called http://mastermindresearch.com. I've written and architected tons of software over the years, from arcade games to dynamic linkers and embedded operating systems, windows app and drivers. Mostly in c and c++, and php for the server side.

I've got two collaborative wiki websites I'm planning to put up, and I tried tikiwiki, dokuwiki, and quite a few others wikis. Just yesterday I tried wikkawiki and it seems promising for what I want to do. I love well thought out architectures that are simple and sustainable, and this is one of the closest I've seen. I installed it at http://www.audities.com yesterday and am playing with it now. More comments about it as I dig into it a little more.

Gary gary@garylittleton.com

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