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Actions can be used in the footer of your wiki to add the functionality of an action to every page. Obviously some actions will be inappropriate in the footer, and may give unexpected results*. To add a function to a footer, open footer.php in your php editor. (You can find it in the templates folder of version

Add this code where you want the action to show:

Of course, you will want to change 'changesclipft' to the name of the action you want to show.
You will want to add some style to integrate this mod with your wiki, see ExtendedFooter.

Here's an example of an extended footer with recent changes, recent comments and some other stats showing.
I rewrote the actions used to make them display the way I wanted them to. Formating the data output strings consistently, removed tables, etc... Here are links to the documentation of what I did.
*unexpected results
I just love that phrase, it means anything but what's intended. This could include garbage output, a broken page, or even a security vulnerability.


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