If a page is not WikiNamed, then it won't be linked automatically.

Correct. Can you imagine the performance hit if we had to test every single word on the page against a list of all page titles? - JsnX

I'm an idiot. I just thought that because people can force-link a page, and spawn non-CamelCase titles, can we work some regex checking into this? E.g. Force CamelCase where "http:" is not found for forced-links. - Sam

If you created a forced link to a page named mylowercasetitle, how would we programatically determine which letters should be capitalized? You can make sense of a title like that, but it would require some sophisticated code linked to a large dictionary to even achieve mediocre results. What problem are you having that you need solved? Why would you link to a lowercase title only to ask to have it changed to Camel Case for you?? - JsnX

No problem as such, just being pedantic I know :) If a user attempts to forcelink mylowercasetitle, we could prompt her for WikiName before the entry is allowed through. The regex behind that would just look for a forcelink, without the http bit. So the below examples will trigger a prompt for a proper WikiName:
[[wikka.php?wikka=mylowercasetitle | mylowercasetitle]]
That way, WantedPages looks sexier. Cheers! - Sam

OK. I see what you are suggesting now. You would like to prevent people from creating pages without camelcase names, right? I'll tuck this idea away for a time when I'm really bored. :) - JsnX

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