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===General ""BioBlurb""===
Working with computers since the Time Before Windows. Now using Linux. Does handcrafted HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, the occasional perl script. When not behind the keyboard, prefers to be on a bicycle or in a kayak, or hiking with camera. A denizen of North Portland Oregon: a ""NoPolian"".

==Contact Info==
Will Woodhull---7052 N Burrage Avenue---Portland OR 97217---503.421.8207---wwoodhull at web site: [[ | WillsPlace]]: a Wikka test site

===Wikka Specifics===
Working with a volunteer group who need to develop a web site and quite a bit of content very quickly. Few of the participants are computer savvy. Interested in ""WikkaWiki"" since it looks well suited to these needs.
Initially I'm looking for information and techniques related to
~- ACLs management by groups, which seem to be in development but Not Quite Ready Yet;
~- page categories, which appears to be quite mature and I think will meet our needs; and
~- templates, custom actions, and other plugin capabilities, that I'm currently exlporing (as of 20090823.0900Sun)

Right now, I'm new to ""WikkaWiki"" but it looks like I might be doing some work with it. Which means I may be a contributor in the future. We'll see.

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