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This page aims to share the experiences using Wikka through thin clients and mobile devices. Please add some more.


In my company, many users have been equiped with Blackberry devices. We currently use the 7000 series and we enjoy being able to reach our Wikka system through the integrated web browser. It uses GPRS and it is quite fast - we can use it in many different places around the world.

No cookies nor javascript but we have no problem except a small one with the seach feature: when you type in a word in the search field, you have no way to activate the search - this is due to the light web browser that needs a button or a link to actually trigger the new URL to be displayed. I will fix this by putting a search button in the footer.
We can use it to get an information or share some news about our activity. I think that could be a pretty nice solution for sales forces.


Treo smartphone
I am using Wikka to create a knowledge base for the palmOne Treo 600 and Treo 650 smartphones. The Treo has a built-in web browser Blazer which can handle cookies and some javascript. Viewing the Wikka using Blazer is almost flawless but Blazer does not handle forms well, especially text areas, so editing can be troublesome and is not recommended. Of the third-party browsers available for the Treo I have so far only tried Xiino with Wikka and it is excellent for both viewing and editing pages. I'll add more as I learn, please ask if you have any questions.


I've been using a Toshiba e800 running Windows Mobile 2003 and Pocket Internet Explorer to access this Wikka, and my own. It displays pretty well, but editing pages is a pain - the editing window that is created is only about 2 lines by 40 characters each. This is with the default css files - I haven't played with the css files to see if that makes a difference or not. But it is workable. ChrisH 22 Dec 05

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