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==== Wikka Skins Repository ====

<<===Theme support available in 1.2!===
This page refers to beta functionality supported until Wikka 1.1.x. As of [[Docs:WhatsNew12 | version 1.2]] Wikka introduces support for 100%-modular **themes**: check [[Docs:WikkaThemes | this page]] for more information or this [[ | tutorial]] to learn how to design custom themes.
WikkaSkins determine the look of wikka pages.

Want to **customize the layout** of your Wikka Engine?
Want to **share your CSS** stylesheets?

The unofficial **Wikka Skins Repository** is a server for testing how the same wiki looks with different skins.
Currently, 8 different skins are available (including the default ones). Feel free to post your own.

<<Go to the [[ | Unofficial Wikka Skins Repository]]<<

==What's new==

~-''[2004-11-19] Latest addition: Alex ""McMillan""'s Black''
~-''[2004-11-16] Latest addition: DotMG's lightgreen''
~-''[2004-11-04] Latest addition: DarTar's White W''
~-''[2004-10-07] Latest addition: DarTar's minigray skin''

The default skin of the Wikka Repository is White W

-- DarTar
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