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=====Wikka Filters=====
//Importing/exporting from Wikka to other formats//

>>See also: WikkaToPDF>>::c::

I was thinking that one of the conditions that might allow a wiki engine to survive in the long run, besides [[WikkaInternationalization i18n and l10n]] might be its **external integration** with existing document formats.
Many people I've been talking to about Wikka and wikis in general were disappointed by the fact that //"they couldn't copy and paste formatted text from their favorite word processor"// (I omit the name of the word processor) or were reluctant to learn a new syntax.
Giving the user the ability to safely //import// an RTF file (maybe passing through HTML) might drastically improve the visibility of our project. I know that Andrea's uniwakka already allows you to //export// to LaTeX and OpenOffice, and import/export bibtex files - which I find just great if you already use LaTex and OpenOffice. But for the average user (think of people willing to use a wiki as the engine to run their site and with a lot of content already available in DOC or RTF format) non only RTF might be more relevant, but the ability to //import// and not only //export// becomes crucial.

===Ideas for possible import filters===

~- HTML (already possible to use safe html in wiki pages, but see my note below)
~- RTF
~- OpenOffice
~- (LaTeX)

===Ideas for possible export filters===

~- HTML (kidding..)
~- [[WikkaToPDF PDF]] (we might just implement an optional php class for generating PDFs on the fly)
~- RTF
~- OpenOffice
~- (LaTex)
~- Text (see script for [[ wakka]].

Does anyone know about existing rtf2wiki projects or, more generally, projects of filters to convert wiki syntax to and from existing formats?
Maybe a basic action to import an HTML document without bothering with the source code (many users don't even know where to look to find the source of a HTML document or do not know that there //is// a source) could also be of some help.

Your thoughts?

-- DarTar

Below is a link to a macro/template to convert a document Microsoft© Word 97 or Word 2000 into the Wakka format. It was obtained (as was most of this text, in the French) from the wikini site.

A work of adaptation by David Delon, starting from

Copyright © 2002, David Delon distributed under licence LPG.
Copyright © 2002, Alexis Dupont-Rock distributed under licence LPG. (might be translation from french of GPL).

INSTRUCTIONS: Copy "" to the directory in which templates are for your version of Microsoft Word. Often these are found in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Templates\""OtherDocuments"" or C:\Windows\Application Data\Mircosoft\models. (Look for the file to find the exact location).

To use it, start Word.
Choose File->New->Other Documents(Or General)->
Type text using the styles suggested: normal, list, underlined , bold, title 1, title 2 and title 3.
To generate text into the Wakka format in a new document click on the symbol **W!** beside the file icon.

**Limitations:** It works, but the instruction code that is generated when the macro is activated is in French. It means "The transformed text was copied to the Clipboard: You can place it in wikka using paste (Ctrl-V). Good Luck!" However I have no insights into how to edit this into English in the .dot file (my attempts failed miserably).

You can obtain the file here: [[]] (right-click to save the file)


There is also WinWord2WikkaWikiAction. Dunno if it's the same macro as above or not. In english though. :)

==Some references on importing/exporting RTF==
~-[[ RTF Parse Class]]
~-[[ rtf2htm]]---The RTF to HTML convertor converts RTF files (in Windows-1250 encoding) to HTML file (in ISO-8859-2 encoding) and here is another convertor...
~-[[ RTF Generator Class]]
~-**[[ Text_wiki]]**---The Text_Wiki package allows you to transform text structured using Wiki rules into any defined target output format, including HTML, LaTeX, RTF, PDF, and more.

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