What is WikkaEdit ?

WikkaEdit is a new editor toolbar designed by OlivierBorowski to replace WikiEdit (official website). Indeed, WikiEdit is no more actively maintained (latest improvements are from 2004).

WikkaEdit comes in two flavours, a simple version featuring a more streamlined and user/friendly interface than WikiEdit and an advanced version with built-in action support. The simple version is included with the release, while a first proof-of-concept of the advanced version is available in trunk and will be included with the 1.1.7 release.

Demo server

Changes for the user

- support for actions
- editor height follow window height
- additionnal buttons
- new search & replace window
- indent / un-ident now use Tab key instead of ctrl+I / ctrl+U => bad idea?
- shortcuts for heading (ctrl+1...5) have not been integrated => useful?
- shortcuts for bulleted/numbered item have not been integrated => useful?
- shortcuts for links item have not been integrated => useful?


- ctrl + B : bold
- ctrl + I : italic
- ctrl + U : underline
- ctrl + shift + S : strike
- ctrl + F : open search & replace dialog
- ctrl + Z : undo
- tab : indent
- shift + tab : outdent
- escape : leave focus

Known bugs

Common :
- undo (ctrl+Z) sometimes select the whole textarea instead of the changed characters (already present in WikiEdit) : Ticket #593

Gecko browsers :
no specific bug

Konqueror :
- shortcuts don't work (except "tab" key)
- click on the "list" button, hit 2 times backspace (to remove "- ") and press a key => browser crash!!!

Opera :
- the textarea is not scrolled automatically to follow selection
- shortcuts can't block default browser behaviour, so Ctrl+F display the browser "Find" window => workaround : I disabled shortcuts

Safari :
- Ctrl+F display the browser "Find" window


Note: WikkaEdit is already the default editor for the WikkaWiki branch and WikkaWiki Trunk

With your browser : https://wush.net/svn/wikkacase/wikkaedit/
With SVN :
svn checkout https://wush.net/svn/wikkacase/wikkaedit/trunk wikkaedit_trunk

Replace these lines :
$output .= '<script type="text/javascript" src="'.$this->StaticHref('3rdparty/plugins/wikiedit/protoedit.js').'"></script>'."\n".
'<script type="text/javascript" src="'.$this->StaticHref('3rdparty/plugins/wikiedit/wikiedit2.js').'"></script>'."\n";
$output .= '<script type="text/javascript">'."  wE = new WikiEdit(); wE.init('body','WikiEdit','editornamecss');".'</script>'."\n";

$output .= '<script type="text/javascript" src="3rdparty/plugins/wikkaedit/wikkaedit_data.js"></script>'."\n";
$output .= '<script type="text/javascript" src="3rdparty/plugins/wikkaedit/wikkaedit_search.js"></script>'."\n";
$output .= '<script type="text/javascript" src="3rdparty/plugins/wikkaedit/wikkaedit_actions.js"></script>'."\n";
$output .= '<script type="text/javascript" src="3rdparty/plugins/wikkaedit/wikkaedit.js"></script>'."\n";

Note : wikkaedit_search.js (search&replace) and wikkaedit_actions.js (additionnal toolbar and contextual help) are optionnal. Just remove or comment the related line to disable it.


- (tiny) table creation wizard
- "replace all" should stop after one turn
- autoindent should detect alphanumeric chars and display the next one : 1) 2)...


- drop down menu for different kinds of ordered lists (instead of 3 buttons)

- define actions where the users should select some text before clicking a button. For example: for the color action, the users may first select a word, and when s/he clicks the colored text button: the selected word will be inserted inside the text=" " parameter. Such actions may have a slightly different background-color: so the user knows that they act on selected text.

- an 'undo' button (to undo the last change) would be nice.


check SVN for detailed changelog

2008-01-30 :
- Fix an infinite loop when searching for whole words
- Fix a bug with keyboard shortcuts

2008-01-28 :
- Selection is not lost anymore when indenting
- Split addToLine() into addToLine() and indent()
- Use {{table}} syntax instead of table
- Add new function getSelectionContent()
- Add new function setTextAreaContent()
- Add new class SelRange instead of {start:x, end:y}
- Remove unused function setAreaConcent()
- Remove unused function getSelection()
- Fix a bug in addToLine() related to selection when more than 1 line is selected
- Remove strange loop in js_countTextAreaChars()
- Some cosmetic changes

2007-11-21 :
- WikkaEdit is the default editor for Wikkawiki Trunk

2007-11-14 :
- WikkaEdit is the default editor for Wikkawiki branch

2007-07-03 :
- prefixed some variable names with "_" to prevent conflicts
- replaced the word "popup" with "submenu" (the first one is sometimes blocked by popup blockers)
- "formatting rules" link was using an absolute path
- disable "Ctrl+F" for safari
- disable shortcuts for opera
- fix a bug for addToLine() when the cursor is on the textarea start

2007-06-30 :
- better log console (fixed position and reverse log order)
- new search & replace (redeveloped from scratch)
- new variables for modules (search&replace, actions) and browser detection
- the find button only appears when the search&replace module is enabled
- add shortcut_summary and formatting_guide buttons and related code
- fix shortcuts for indent / unindent
- add escape shortcut to leave textarea (useful for keyboard navigation)
- previously addToSelection() was selected the whole modified text, now it select a bit lesser
- the small delay required by khtml for setSelectionRange was enable for every browser
- add some comments

2007-05-23 :
- fix lots of bugs on konqueror introduced by the additional setTimeout() in setSelectionRange()
- move contectual help related code to wikkaedit_actions.js
- add some comments
- better autoindent behaviour
- actions (indent, text style...) should not move scrollbar to top anymore

2007-03-22 : fix a bug with opera

2007-03-21 : added tooltips for help

2007-03-14 : added actions and a new contextual help

2007-02-21 : added "center", "comment", "image", "raw html", "sourcecode" buttons
and a submenu containing "monospace", "left float", "right float" and "key"

2007-02-14 : DotMG released a patch to add autoindent, just commited

2007-02-12 : initial revision
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