What is WikkaEdit ?

WikkaEdit is a new editor toolbar designed by OlivierBorowski to replace WikiEdit (official website). Indeed, WikiEdit is no more actively maintained (latest improvements are from 2004).

WikkaEdit comes in two flavours, a simple version featuring a more streamlined and user/friendly interface than WikiEdit and an advanced version with built-in action support. The simple version is included with the release, while a first proof-of-concept of the advanced version is available in trunk and will be included with the 1.1.7 release.

Demo server

Changes for the user

- support for actions
- editor height follow window height
- additionnal buttons
- new search & replace window
- indent / un-ident now use Tab key instead of ctrl+I / ctrl+U => bad idea?
- shortcuts for heading (ctrl+1...5) have not been integrated => useful?
- shortcuts for bulleted/numbered item have not been integrated => useful?
- shortcuts for links item have not been integrated => useful?


- ctrl + B : bold
- ctrl + I : italic
- ctrl + U : underline
- ctrl + shift + S : strike
- ctrl + F : open search & replace dialog
- ctrl + Z : undo
- tab : indent
- shift + tab : outdent
- escape : leave focus

Known bugs

Common :
- undo (ctrl+Z) sometimes select the whole textarea instead of the changed characters (already present in WikiEdit) : Ticket #593

Gecko browsers :
no specific bug

Konqueror :
- shortcuts don't work (except "tab" key)
- click on the "list" button, hit 2 times backspace (to remove "- ") and press a key => browser crash!!!

Opera :
- the textarea is not scrolled automatically to follow selection
- shortcuts can't block default browser behaviour, so Ctrl+F display the browser "Find" window => workaround : I disabled shortcuts

Safari :
- Ctrl+F display the browser "Find" window


Note: WikkaEdit is already the default editor for the WikkaWiki branch and WikkaWiki Trunk

With your browser : https://wush.net/svn/wikkacase/wikkaedit/
With SVN :
svn checkout https://wush.net/svn/wikkacase/wikkaedit/trunk wikkaedit_trunk

Replace these lines :
$output .= '<script type="text/javascript" src="'.$this->StaticHref('3rdparty/plugins/wikiedit/protoedit.js').'"></script>'."\n".
'<script type="text/javascript" src="'.$this->StaticHref('3rdparty/plugins/wikiedit/wikiedit2.js').'"></script>'."\n";
$output .= '<script type="text/javascript">'."  wE = new WikiEdit(); wE.init('body','WikiEdit','editornamecss');".'</script>'."\n";

$output .= '<script type="text/javascript" src="3rdparty/plugins/wikkaedit/wikkaedit_data.js"></script>'."\n";
$output .= '<script type="text/javascript" src="3rdparty/plugins/wikkaedit/wikkaedit_search.js"></script>'."\n";
$output .= '<script type="text/javascript" src="3rdparty/plugins/wikkaedit/wikkaedit_actions.js"></script>'."\n";
$output .= '<script type="text/javascript" src="3rdparty/plugins/wikkaedit/wikkaedit.js"></script>'."\n";

Note : wikkaedit_search.js (search&replace) and wikkaedit_actions.js (additionnal toolbar and contextual help) are optionnal. Just remove or comment the related line to disable it.


- (tiny) table creation wizard
- "replace all" should stop after one turn
- autoindent should detect alphanumeric chars and display the next one : 1) 2)...


- drop down menu for different kinds of ordered lists (instead of 3 buttons)

- define actions where the users should select some text before clicking a button. For example: for the color action, the users may first select a word, and when s/he clicks the colored text button: the selected word will be inserted inside the text=" " parameter. Such actions may have a slightly different background-color: so the user knows that they act on selected text.

- an 'undo' button (to undo the last change) would be nice.


check SVN for detailed changelog

2008-01-30 :
- Fix an infinite loop when searching for whole words
- Fix a bug with keyboard shortcuts

2008-01-28 :
- Selection is not lost anymore when indenting
- Split addToLine() into addToLine() and indent()
- Use {{table}} syntax instead of table
- Add new function getSelectionContent()
- Add new function setTextAreaContent()
- Add new class SelRange instead of {start:x, end:y}
- Remove unused function setAreaConcent()
- Remove unused function getSelection()
- Fix a bug in addToLine() related to selection when more than 1 line is selected
- Remove strange loop in js_countTextAreaChars()
- Some cosmetic changes

2007-11-21 :
- WikkaEdit is the default editor for Wikkawiki Trunk

2007-11-14 :
- WikkaEdit is the default editor for Wikkawiki branch

2007-07-03 :
- prefixed some variable names with "_" to prevent conflicts
- replaced the word "popup" with "submenu" (the first one is sometimes blocked by popup blockers)
- "formatting rules" link was using an absolute path
- disable "Ctrl+F" for safari
- disable shortcuts for opera
- fix a bug for addToLine() when the cursor is on the textarea start

2007-06-30 :
- better log console (fixed position and reverse log order)
- new search & replace (redeveloped from scratch)
- new variables for modules (search&replace, actions) and browser detection
- the find button only appears when the search&replace module is enabled
- add shortcut_summary and formatting_guide buttons and related code
- fix shortcuts for indent / unindent
- add escape shortcut to leave textarea (useful for keyboard navigation)
- previously addToSelection() was selected the whole modified text, now it select a bit lesser
- the small delay required by khtml for setSelectionRange was enable for every browser
- add some comments

2007-05-23 :
- fix lots of bugs on konqueror introduced by the additional setTimeout() in setSelectionRange()
- move contectual help related code to wikkaedit_actions.js
- add some comments
- better autoindent behaviour
- actions (indent, text style...) should not move scrollbar to top anymore

2007-03-22 : fix a bug with opera

2007-03-21 : added tooltips for help

2007-03-14 : added actions and a new contextual help

2007-02-21 : added "center", "comment", "image", "raw html", "sourcecode" buttons
and a submenu containing "monospace", "left float", "right float" and "key"

2007-02-14 : DotMG released a patch to add autoindent, just commited

2007-02-12 : initial revision
Comment by EmeraldIsland
2007-07-02 12:36:41
It could be great to have the result of what you are editing in another window or below the form editor refreshed in real time or when you click on a "refresh button" (to diminish tasks done by the server).
Comment by JohanF
2007-12-04 16:11:01
WikkaEdit looks great! The single most impressive feature is that the tab button works in the form.
Comment by DarTar
2007-12-05 04:28:31
Blogged: http://blog.wikkawiki.org/2007/12/05/introducing-wikkaedit/
Comment by HansEric
2008-02-08 08:24:00
Hello Oliver
I have some ideas. Can you have a look at my page HansEric .
I am especially intrested in some kind of /table mode. Maybe you will find it intresting and help out in the creation of this function.
Comment by BastoR
2008-03-27 07:13:54
Nice Editor!
The Text-Input-Window is a litte small how can i make its bigger?
Give it new standart icons for the function?
Comment by TraveLuzion
2008-05-08 08:37:34
I am having a problem. When I click on the formatting rules icon the wikka edit page opens in a new window instead of the formatting rules. Any ideas whats wrong? See http://www.traveluzion.com/local/Index/edit?id=380
Comment by BrianKoontz
2008-05-08 16:59:49
TraveLuzion, there appears to be a small bug in 3rdparty/plugins/wikkaedit/wikkaedit.js. Please change line 249 to this and let me know if it fixes the problem:

newUrl = newUrl.replace(/[a-zA-Z0-9]+\/edit.*$/, "FormattingRules");
Comment by WillyPs
2008-05-08 19:27:51
That works for me!
Comment by TraveLuzion
2008-05-10 09:23:43
Yes Brian that fixed it. Thank You.
Comment by AndreasHeintze
2008-05-17 05:24:02
Has anyone seen this one before?

I just thought it looked interesting...
Comment by DarTar
2008-05-18 16:35:50
Thanks for the link Andreas, it looks very interesting.
Comment by AndreasHeintze
2009-09-07 17:46:47
This editor has been standard now for some time, but why are there still bugs in the search & replace function?

I get this log message "setSelectionRange() was called too early => exit"

Also one more thing, for example if you have a page with this in it:
[[HomePage Link to home]]
..and try the search & replace, where you search for ]] and replaces it with ]]whatever well it's not funny. It keeps replacing forever... can't someone fix this now please?
Comment by AndreasHeintze
2009-09-07 17:47:39
One more thing... in the old editor the regex replace was working, it's not implemented in the new version, how come?
Comment by NilsLindenberg
2009-09-10 09:00:07
Hi Andreas, please open one (or more) tickets regarding your bugs on http://wush.net/trac/wikka/ providing as much information as possible (your operating system and browser version for example). Any additional infos like logs would be appriciated, too.

Unfortunately "not working" isn't helpfull for trying to reproduce a bug. And yes, sometimes new bugs can be introduced by a new release.
Comment by DanielPataki
2010-08-09 10:07:12

It's been a long time since the last comment, but I thought I'd let you guys know that on some keyboards (Hungarian layout) the left square bracket character "[" can be placed by pressing Alt Gr + F. This is obviously a hindrance since in WikkaWiki that character is used a lot. I couldn't find a setting to change this in any obvious place, but I'm sure something can be sorted out if I dig in. Just letting you know about this, hope I could help, WikkaWiki is very cool :) !
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