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===== Wikka Beta Features =====

~a) Beta features listed on this page and currently installed on this server are not necessarily meant to be included in the core anytime soon.
~a) For a complete list of new features that are officially accepted for inclusion in the core, please refer to our [[ | tracker]].
~a) Items on this list marked with {{image src="" alt="svn icon" title="already committed"}} have already been committed in our [[WikkaSVN | code repository]].
~a) For a preview of the latest development version, you can grab and install a fresh [[WikkaUnstable | unstable package]].
===Try our demo===
~-You can play with [[WhatsNew | latest stable release]] on [[ | this server]].
===See also===
~-[[Docs:WikkaFeatures | List of current features]]
~-[[Docs:WikkaReleaseNotes | Official release notes]]
~-[[WikkaSVN | Getting the latest development version]]
~-CategoryUserContributions>> This server runs on a custom WikkaWiki engine with a number of //experimental features//.

~-**Skins** ""<span style="color:#888;font-size:smaller;">[2004-11-24]</span>""--- allows users to //select//, //create//, //edit// and //modify// their own [[Docs:WikkaSkins | custom CSS stylesheet]]. --- Test: TestSkin --- Development pages: MySkin, WikkaSkinSelector, WikkaSkinEditor
~-**Paged comments** ""<span style="color:#888;font-size:smaller;">[2004-12-12]</span>"" --- allows comments to be paged. The number of comments per page can be set from UserSettings. --- Development page: PagedComments
~-**Menulets** ""<span style="color:#888;font-size:smaller;">[2004-12-20]</span>"" --- mini-[[Docs:UsingActions | actions]] that will replace in the future menu items. --- Development page & test: WikkaMenulets
~-**User Administration** ""<span style="color:#888;font-size:smaller;">[2005-01-04 - updated 2009-11-04]</span>"" --- interface for managing registered users. (20091104) Implemented single-user delete action (fully supported in later versions) --- Test: [admin-only] UserAdminTest --- Development page: UserAdmin --- ""<span style="color:#0A0;font-weight:bold;">Implemented</span>"" as ##adminusers.php## since version
~-**Page Administration** ""<span style="color:#888;font-size:smaller;">[2005-01-04 - updated 2008-10-09]</span>""--- interface for managing pages --- Test: [admin-only] PageAdminTest --- Development page: PageAdminAction --- ""<span style="color:#0A0;font-weight:bold;">Implemented</span>"" as ##adminpages.php## since version
~-**Database Information** ""<span style="color:#888;font-size:smaller;">[2005-07-08]</span>"" --- simple action to provide information about the structure of the database and tables used--- Test: DbInfo [only admins get actual information but the page is freely accessible] ---Development page: DbInfoAction
~-**Category action** [modified] ""<span style="color:#888;font-size:smaller;">[2005-01-22]</span>""--- a modified category action that by default now only shows the content of category pages (starting with 'Category') and does not show templates except as members of a special templates category (extra parameters allow overriding these defaults but in general this should not be necessary). This results in more "sensible" behavior when the category action is placed on (or included in) a non-category page: the SandBox won't be regarded as a category any more :). Also for output in columns divs are used now instead of a layout table; this also means that the pages are layed out vertically instead of row-by-row, making it easier to scan the output. --- Example: See CategoryDevelopment for the new layout and note that the templates for development pages are no longer listed there (even though they contain a reference to CategoryDevelopment).
~-**System** ""<span style="color:#888;font-size:smaller;">[2005-01-23]</span>""--- a new action showing information about the system Wikka is running on.---Development page: WikkaMenulets --- Example on the SysInfo page. --- {{svn}}
~-**Backlinks handler** ""<span style="color:#888;font-size:smaller;">[2005-01-28]</span>""--- A simple backlinks handler to display internal links to the current page (usage: ##/backlinks##). --- See BacklinksHandler. --- {{svn}}
~-**Grab code handler** ""<span style="color:#888;font-size:smaller;">[2005-02-17]</span>""--- A handler to download code snippets from code blocks inserted in Wikka pages. --- See GrabCodeHandler. --- {{svn}}
~~&With the installation of the Advanced ##""FormOpen()""## method and the [[ImprovedFormatter | Improved Formatter]], the generation of the 'grabcode' form at the end of each code block has been changed to take advantage of the new ##""FormOpen()""## method: all download forms now not only have an id but also a 'grabcode' class that can be used as a hook for proper styling. --JavaWoman ""<span style="color:#888;font-size:smaller;">[2005-06-12]</span>""
~-**Register action** ""<span style="color:#888;font-size:smaller;">[2005-02-25]</span>""--- An action for user registration distinct from the current (##usersettings##). --- Development page: RegisterAction --- Test: RegisterActionTest.
~-**RSS action - workaround** ""<span style="color:#888;font-size:smaller;">[2005-05-06]</span>""--- A temporary fix for the Onyx-RSS parser used by the RSS action; any (sometimes spurious) errors raised are now simply enclosed in an HTML comment so they are still available if needed but don't clutter up the rendered page. --- Test and code on JwRssTest. --- {{svn}}
~-**Advanced Referrers handling** ""<span style="color:#888;font-size:smaller;">[2005-05-13 - updated 2005-07-14]</span>""--- New, advanced referrers handling with searching and filtering as well as an accessible form and results table (and more secure as well). --- Development page: AdvancedReferrersHandler. --- Test by adding ##/referrers## to any page. (Only registered users can view and filter lists, only admins can blacklist domains or remove them from the blacklist.)
~-**Single quotes for action parameters** ""<span style="color:#888;font-size:smaller;">[2005-06-08]</span>""--- A small change to the ##Action()## method in ##wikka.php## so that action parameters are recognized enclosed in either single or double quotes. --- Development page: ActionParsQuoting {{svn}}
~-**Advanced ""FormOpen()""** ""<span style="color:#888;font-size:smaller;">[2005-06-12 - updated 2008-10-09]</span>""---Enhanced ##""FormOpen()""## method in ##wikka.php## supporting all types of forms, and using **##""makeId()""##** to generate a unique id for a form. ---Development pages: AdvancedFormOpen and GenerateUniqueId --- {{svn}}Method ""<span style="color:#0A0;font-weight:bold;">Implemented</span>"" since version
~-//**Advanced Backlinks action**// ""<span style="color:#888;font-size:smaller;">[2005-06-12]</span>""---Advanced Backlinks action with support for different output formats - installed as an ""<span style="color:#CC0000;font-weight:bold;">alpha</span>"" feature; the original backlinks action is unchanged for now.---Development pages: AdvancedBacklinksAction, ArrayToList and ArrayToColumns---Test by using ""{{<span style="color:#CC0000;font-weight:bold;">backlinks2</span>}}"" with the new parameters on any page (sample below)
~-//**Advanced Category action**// ""<span style="color:#888;font-size:smaller;">[2005-06-12]</span>""---Advanced Category action with support for many different output formats and a new 'related pages' feature - installed as an ""<span style="color:#CC0000;font-weight:bold;">alpha</span>"" feature; the modified (beta) category action (see above) is unchanged for now.---Development pages: AdvancedCategoryAction, ArrayToList and ArrayToColumns; see also CompatibilityCode and GenerateUniqueId---Test by using ""{{<span style="color:#CC0000;font-weight:bold;">category2</span>}}"" with the new parameters on any page (sample below)
~-**Improved Formatter** ""<span style="color:#888;font-size:smaller;">[2005-06-12 - updated 2005-07-14]</span>""---New formatter code with many improved and advanced features.---Development page: ImprovedFormatter.---See also: AdvancedFormatter --- {{svn}}
~-**Login Redirection** ""<span style="color:#888;font-size:smaller;">[2005-06-23]</span>"" --- Registered users are automatically redirected on their first login to a page specified in the config file (on this server: WelcomeRegisteredUser). --- See RedirectOnLogin for further information. {{svn}}
~-**Headings with links** ""<span style="color:#888;font-size:smaller;">[2005-07-14]</span>"" --- Headings with embedded links are now correctly handled to derive a document title ("smart title"). --- {{svn}}
~-**Counting records** ""<span style="color:#888;font-size:smaller;">[2005-07-19 - updated 2008-10-09]</span>"" --- Generic method ##getCount()## to count records. Implemented (so far) in the ##""ExistsPage()""## method and PageAdminAction (see above)---Development page: WikkaCountingRecords (which outlines other code where this may be implemented). --- {{svn}} Method ""<span style="color:#0A0;font-weight:bold;">Implemented</span>"" since version
~-**Info handler** ""<span style="color:#888;font-size:smaller;">[2005-07-30]</span>""--- Displays information and statistics on the current page (usage: ##/info##). --- See InfoHandler.
~-**RSS autodiscovery** ""<span style="color:#888;font-size:smaller;">[2005-08-07]</span>""--- Allows Wikka feeds to be autodetected by feed readers and some browsers. --- See RSSAutoDiscovery. --- {{svn}}
~-**Header modifications** ""<span style="color:#888;font-size:smaller;">[2005-08-17]</span>""--- Replaced the search link in the header with a link to the ##/backlinks## handler. --- See BacklinksHandler. --- {{svn}}
~-**Footer modifications** ""<span style="color:#888;font-size:smaller;">[2005-08-17]</span>""--- Replaced the history link with a link to the ##/info## handler. --- See InfoHandler.
~-**License action** ""<span style="color:#888;font-size:smaller;">[2006-01-17]</span>""--- Prints the full-text of a specified license. --- See LicenseAction. --- {{svn}}

<<See also: SysInfo<<::c::
//Sample for backlinks action **alpha** test://
{{backlinks2 cols='3'}}
//Sample for category action **alpha** test - note there is no special styling for this output format yet://
{{category2 type='related'}} */

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