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Reading this page you are unlikely to be a WikiStranger.

I don't dare to add this profile to the nice WikiRoles page. Yet it could make sense.

A WikiStranger is someone not knowing what a wiki is. He has no interest in the ""WikiConcept"" nor in the ""WikiUsers"".
So what is such a stranger to you ""WikiAwares"" and ""WikiLovers""?

Well, he may happen to be interested in the ""WikiContent"". He may be a project stakeholder, a customer or some kind of high level manager interested by the results not by the way they have been obtained. So this content has to be usable by him which makes the WikiName''s'' difficult to accept...
This is why using as much as possible [[NonWikiNormalWritingWithoutSacrifyingTheHypertext | non wiki normal writing without sacrifying the hypertext]] is the appropriate way to render the ""WikiContent"" for the WikiStranger.

A WikiStranger is different from a WikiVisitor in that he may even use the ""WikiContent"" out of a wiki (until we have a nice way to export to open office I assume this is done through copy and paste).

I see that some of you ""WikiAddicts"" are right now developping some antipathy toward this guy (to be frank, I visualize him as [[ | The Boss in Dilbert]]) : you refuse to change your WikiWayToWriteWithoutSpaces just for the visual confort of this WikiStranger.
This is why we should consider the AutoReplace functionality.
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