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=====Wikka Wiki On A USB Stick (or Thumbdrive) =====

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~-[[Docs:WikkaInstallation | Wikka installation instructions]]
Okay, maybe this is old-hat to some, but I just came across a WAMP (windows-apache-mysql-php) server that is darned tiny it will easily fit on a thumbdrive. In fact, it'll fit into <4mb they say (at one place)....altho' my implementation was 17M. Anyhow, it installed flawlessly AND, I might add, amazingly simply. (basically, run the exe) It comes with a "configuration" screen that includes an admin pgm for mysql and the simplest of instructions. It has PHP5, altho' I regressed to PHP4 (which they also provide an install file & very straightforward instructions for)....and some of the comments suggest this is necessary.

Okay, the news for wikka fans, Wikka installed **//simply and flawlessly//**. I used the mysql manager to setup a database and a user account, provided that info for the wikka config file, removed .htaccess in wikka root (I didn't spend time figuring out why that was necessary to get it to run), and wikka worked like an absolute charm. Anyways, check out [[ | The Uniform Server]]....having wikka run on any windows system you want it to using a server on a THUMBDRIVE is as amusing as heck. Have fun folks!!!

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