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There is a nice site at [[]] that allows you to compare wikis.

I'm not sure how you are developing this wiki and why as just a registered user I can add this page. I also do not know how to link it to the rest of your system. HOWEVER, I'm assuming someone is checking this and I'd like a bit of help with finding an explanation of your permissions. This is important in my considerations of this wiki. For example, tiki wiki has assigns permissions to groups and users to those groups. I'm still exploring to see if I can get what they say is available working, but they have both the standard hierarchal approach and also ability to build a "sphere" approach where you can categorize objects (pages, forums…) and then relate those to a group and now the group has permissions with that category (as they call it) or sphere. If you can point me to a forum or documentation to see if this is true of WikkaWiki, that would be much appreciated.
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