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=====Bienvenue dans Wikka=====

Bonjour {{user}} et bienvenue dans WikkaWiki!

Le but de ce serveur est de proposer un espace où discuter du **développement** et de la **documentation** de Wikka. Ce wiki n'a pas pour but d'héberger des pages personnelles ni d'offrir un espace de stockage gratuit pour publier textes, images ou liens n'ayant aucun rapport avec WikkaWiki. Et de plus, ce n'est pas une place où vous pouvez promouvoir vos propres sites (exception faite des sites utilisant WikkaWiki comme moteur). Tout abus/vandalisme sera supprimé et l'utilisateur, banni du serveur.

===Privilèges de l'utilisateur enregistré===

En tant qu'utilisateur enregistré, vous avez accès à un certain nombre d'options, comprenant entre autres la possibilités d'éditer des pages dont l'accès est normalement [[Docs:ACLInfoFR réservé]] aux utilisateurs enregistrés. Pour commencer sur WikkaWiki, vous pouvez:

~- **Vous présenter** --- Cliquez sur le lien avec votre identifiant en haut de cette page pour créer votre **page personnelle**. Sur cette page, vous pourrez vous présenter, indiquer vos utilisations de Wikka ainsi que vos projets (thèmes, actions,etc...) pour Wikka.

As a registered user, you have access to a number of features, including writing and modifying page content, where writing is [[Docs:ACLInfo restricted]] to registered users. To start with, you might want to:
~- **Introduce yourself** --- Click on the link with your username at the top of this page to create your personal **userpage**. In your userpage, you can add information about yourself, how you work with Wikka and/or what you're planning / considering to do with it. You are free to add a link to your personal website and to websites you own (or collaborate to) running on Wikka. You don't necessarily need to have a Wikka site or to be a Wikka user to create a personal userpage on this server: just tell us how and why you came to this site and share your impressions of WikkaWiki. --- Your personal userpage is **not** for playing around or testing Wikka formatting rules: that's what the SandBox is for (see below)! "Play pages" will be removed after a reasonable time, but you're allowed to come back and create a //real// userpage. And you don't //have// to create a userpage; you can contribute as a registered user on this site without having one though a little information about yourself and your (intended) use of Wikka will be appreciated.
~- **Set your preferences** --- You can store your [[UserSettings personal settings]] on this server to customize the way the site looks and behaves when you are logged in.
~- **Create your own skin** --- On this server, you can select a [[TestSkin skin]] (or "theme") from a list of available stylesheets. You can also create and store your custom skin (CSS) through an online editor.

===Try it out===

You can take a look at the FormattingRules to learn the basic functioning of this [[Docs:WikiEngine wiki]]. You are free to look around and play in the **SandBox**. Please note that the SandBox is not indexed by search-engines and is regularly reset. Links intendend to the promotion of external sites are not allowed and will be removed from the SandBox.
Some [[WikkaGuidedTours visual tours]] will introduce you to the basics of Wikka. You will find further information in the [[Docs:WikkaDocumentation official documentation]].

===Contribute to WikkaWiki===

As a registered user you can contribute content to this server. There are several ways in which one can contribute to the improvement of WikkaWiki:
~-**Report bugs** --- Hunting down bugs is one of our top priorities. If you encounter any bug your feedback is very much welcome. Before posting a [[WikkaBugs bug notification]], please check the following pages:
~~-for a general introduction to the functioning of Wikka, see WikkaDocumentation;
~~-for resolved bugs/issues see WikkaBugsResolved;
~~-workarounds for unusual problems and temporary fixes for known bugs listed at WikkaWorkarounds
~-**Suggest new features** --- Wikka is growing thanks to the help of its users. A lot of [[CodeContributions user-contributed extensions]] are already available, but we highly evaluate your feedback to understand what features you would like to see implemented. You can freely share your ideas in the SuggestionBox.
~-**Contribuer au code** --- If you intend to contribute [[CodeContributions code/extensions]] to Wikka, please read the [[WelcomeDeveloper developer guidelines]].
~-**Join the documentation project** --- If you are willing to contribute to writing [[WikkaDocumentation documentation pages]], please read the [[Docs:WelcomeDocumenter documentation guidelines]].
~-**Review Wikka** --- If you want to let us know what you think of Wikka, you can [[IndependentWikkaReviews drop us a line]] or add a link to a review of WikkaWiki.
~-**Announce a Wikka site** --- If you want to announce a new Wikka-powered site, you are free to do it both in your personal userpage and in the list of [[WikkaSites Wikka sites]].
~-**Faire passer le mot** --- Si vous aimez Wikka, vous pouvez [[SpreadTheWord faire passer le mot]] et dire à vos amis combien vous aimez Wikka :)

===And also...===

Que vous soyez enregistré ou non:
~-**Venir nous dire bonjour** --- Vous êtes les bienvenus dans la communauté du ##[[TheLounge lounge]]## sur (en anglais). Le canal ###wikka## est le meilleur endroit pour discuter du développement, obtenir du support, et discuter avec les autres utilisateurs de Wikka.
~- **Subscribe to our mailing-list** --- To stay uptodate with the announcements of Wikka releases and important news, you can subscribe to our [[ mailing-list]].

===General editing guidelines===

The following guidelines apply to any changes committed to pages of this server.
~A) You are free to [[Docs:CreateNewPage create new pages]] and [[Docs:EditPageInfo edit existing pages]] as long as your contribution corresponds to the guidelines listed above. To preserve consistency across the site and avoid redundancy, please [[TextSearch make sure]] the issue you are intending to discuss has not already been addressed on this site. As a general rule, editing a relevant page should be preferred to creating a new page. Pages not related to any of the points listed above and other than your own userpage can be deleted by the Administrators of this site.
~A) When creating a new page, please add a heading and a category link, following this [[MyPageTemplate template]]. If the page you want to create has a specific function (code contribution, workaround, documentation), please use one of these [[WikkaSiteTemplates page templates]].

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