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===== WebGet action =====
It may be necessary to fetch dynamically geneerated data from other web pages and show these into a section of a Wikka-page.
The presented solution is to have a very simple syntax to fetch external data from a given URL.
The code was developed against Wikka so there are no guarantees that this will work in any other versions.

This action is maintained by [[RubenOlsen Ruben Olsen]]

=== How to use it ===
After you have installed this code, you can then use the action ""{{webget URL="http://where/to/fetch/data"}}"" - and that is about everything you need to know about this action

Let's say you have a set of data files in directory. You could of course manually enter these files in the Wikka-page and every time the content of the directory changed, you had to update the page again. Instead you create a small PHP function which list the content of the directory, sorted in the correct order and returned each filename found with a simple BR-tag at the end. No fancy HTML or nothing. Really a self maintained solution. Let's say the URL for this PHP script was http://internalserver/listfiles.php - to embed the file list into a Wikka-page, just enter ""{{wegbet URL="http://internalserver/listfiles.php"}}"" where appropriate.

=== Beware of the following security issue ===
The **webget** action fetches data without discrimination of the content. If there are Java Scripts that may pose a security threat, the **webget** action //will carry// this security threat into your Wikka-page! Fetch only data you have full control over, or are deemed to be 100% safe.

=== Limitations ===
The **webget** action is not a web spider, it will only fetch a single URL. Currently there are no sane error checks either like if data can not be sucsessfully fetched.

=== How to install it ===
We are going to add one program file to the Wikka //actions// folder.

First you need to locate the directory where your Wikka is installed. Then locate the //actions// folder - if you have used Wikka-actions, you will notice a lot of file names corresponding to the name of Wikka-actions.

Save the follwing code (use the grab button) as //webget.php// in the //actions// folder.
* Does a RAW simple http-get - beware of cross scripting issues
* Syntax:
* {{webget URL="http://address/to/fetch/data/from"}}
* @author {@link Ruben Olsen} (further notes)
* @copyright Copyright © 2007, Voop AS
* @package Actions
* @name webget
* @version 1.0
* @input string $URL mandatory: The URL where data exists
* @output Data from $URL
* @documentation {@link}
* @todo Fix XSS problems and provide better error handling.

$URL = $vars[URL];
$FileHandle = fopen($URL,"r");

while (!feof($FileHandle)) {
print fread($FileHandle, 1024);

**You are now ready** If something does not work yet, leave me a comment. --RubenOlsen

=== How it works ===
Using the PHP fopen() function, data is retrieved from the URL source and printed out. The fopen() function is a clever little fellow knowing a thing or two about fetching data from a URL (which can be http, ftp, file, etc).

=== History ===
First version

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