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Hi, I invented/programmed Xmodem (thus the WardXmodem name - at least "no one else takes it", haha.

I also conceived of the first BBS, and w/the HW help of Randy Suess, put up the world's first BBS.

I have for YEARS - DECADES - conceived of a "brain" on a blackboard - connected concepts, documenting knowledge.

Freemind (sourceforge) is one way I've looked at doing this - but it is "outline format" and not "freeform" or more technically, a "network" (any interconnects you want).

Wiki's attracted my attention, and I have fiddled with TiddlyWiki which is VERY impressive.

However, I have recently set up a learning / development environment on XP for PHP, MYSQL, etc.

I'm going to post about my experiences with wikkawiki and seek some help where needed.
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