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=====Wikka User Account Modules=====

>>''Where 'Related user contributions' are mentioned, this is for informational purposes, referring to them for valuable ideas or possible solutions - there is no implied guarantee that these would be included in a future version of Wikka. However, if ideas or code from these were to be used, the authors would of course be credited for their contribution.''
>>This page collects links to actions or other functionality under development providing users with (extended) functionality for handling their accounts and how they use and view the wiki site. The goal is to monitor and discuss the development of what might become an improved "user account" package to release with future versions of WikkaWiki.::c::
====Registration, login, logout====
''Current release:''

##[[UserSettingsAction | actions/usersettings.php]]##
##[[EmailPasswordAction | actions/emailpassword.php]]##

===Current features===
Provides the following basic features:
~-unregistered users:
~~-sign up for an account (""UserSettingsAction"")
~-registered users:
~~-login (""UserSettingsAction"")
~~-login with a temporary password (""UserSettingsAction"")
~~-logout (""UserSettingsAction"")
~~-request a temporary password when the original is forgotten (""EmailPasswordAction"")

==Beta Features==
~-##[[RegisterAction | actions/register.php]]## (''version: 0.3''):--- form to sign up for an account - test at RegisterActionTest
~-RedirectOnLogin (''version: -'')
~-RegisterUserIpAddress (//to be documented//) (''version: -''):--- IP logging at user registration - see ""<a href="SecurityModules#hn_Beta_Features_23">Beta Features</a>""

===To do or under development===
~-split ""UserSettingsAction"" into separate actions, one for each function - proposed names (see also RegisterAction above):
~~-""LoginAction"" - form for login only
~~-""TempLoginAction"" - form for login with temporary password only; should also force the user to choose a new password immediately
~~-""LogoutAction"" - form to log out only
~-change user name

==Related user contributions==
~-UserRegistration ([[AdminModules | Admin]] feature but with possible consequences for ""RegisterAction"").

====User preferences====
''Current release:''

##[[UserSettingsAction | actions/usersettings.php]]##

===Current features===
~-update email, password, show comments, display limits for RecentChanges, revisions (""UserSettingsAction"")

==Beta Features==
~-##[[PagedComments | comments paging]]## (''version: -''):--- set preference for comments paging (extension of ""UserSettingsAction"")
~-##[[WikkaSkinEditor | actions/editskin.php]]## (''version: -''):--- choose stylesheet and edit it - test at TestSkinEditor
~-##[[MySkin | actions/myskin.php]]## (replaces WikkaSkinSelector) (''version: 2.1''):--- choose or create stylesheet and edit your own (this includes the WikkaSkinEditor functionality) - test at TestSkin

===To do or under development===
~-create separate action for updating preferences (proposed name):
~~-""PreferencesAction"" (see UserSettingsPanel)
~-separate registration data from preferences data in the database (separate tables)
~-store preference for comments paging in preferences table (rather than in a cookie as in the beta version)
~-store preference for stylesheet in preferences table (rather than in a cookie as in the beta version)

==Related user contributions==

====Site Contribution Statistics and Information====
''Current release:''

##[[MyPagesAction | actions/mypages.php]]##
##[[OwnedPagesAction | actions/ownedpages.php]]##
##[[MyChangesAction | actions/mychanges.php]]##
##[[HighScoresAction | actions/highscores.php]]##

===Current features===
~-alphabetical list of pages owned (""MyPagesAction"")
~-statistics about pages owned (""OwnedPagesAction"")
~-list of pages edited, alphabetical or by date (""MyChangesAction"")

===To do or under development===
~-list of pages where a comment was added (or list of comments)

==Related user contributions==

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