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=====Truncated pages=====

Every page is truncated: the bottom of the page does not appear: the "small print" and maybe some elements above that like comments are not displayed in the browser.

If you look at the HTML source code in the browser, the page stops abruptly and the ending tags </body> and </html> are not there.

Check if the host that Wikka is installed on is inserting banners in your pages. The way to check is to install plain HTML page (so Wikka can be avoided). Many free (and some very cheap) hosts insert a banner. If your host does indeed insert a banner, the workaround below can provide a solution.

==Technical explanation==
When a (free) host inserts a banner, it interferes with two things Wikka does by default:
~-when Gzip-encoding is active, inserting a banner just messes things up (causing the blank page); and
~-Wikka calculates content-length for a HTTP header - which will be incorrect after the banner is inserted, so you would see a **truncated page** when Gzip is not active.

===Applies to===
Any Wikka version.

See BlankPageWorkaround for a solution.

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