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=====Tormod Haugen=====

I'm a developer, currently working as a developer/consultant for [[ | Bouvet]] in Norway.
<<==You can find me online==
~- ... ""<a href="" title="It's just a thought" rel="me">writing a seldom updated blog</a>""
~- ... ""<a href="" title="Tormod Haugen - Twitter" rel="me">tweeting on twitter</a>""

~- or by email at [[|]]
====Code I have submitted====
~- ++SimpleTables - I kind of missed a simple way to build up simple tables with markup. WikkaTables didn't cut it, and I honestly didn't find it before making my own patch.++
~~- The [[ | Table Markup]] is incorporated into WikkaWiki core since version 1.2.
~- [[noncamelcasehack]] - As it says, a quick hack to allow users to have non CamelCase usernames. Needs a little looking at still.

====Code I'd like to have a look at====
~- Making the formatter "plugin-able".
~- Showing some sort of "Default" page for users without a userpage.
~~& This goes in the direction of TypedPages and page templates, right? -- DT
~~~& Yes, I discussed some of my ideas with Nils. One of them were formatters to plug in and activate on a per-page basis. Saw TypedPages; that might be implemented with different formatters. Maybe. --TH
~- A **//Simple//** gallery for Wikka.

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