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This is my little page. I'm evaluating Wikka vs. [[ | WackoWiki]]. If anyone has any experience with both and can highlight any feature differences it would be greatly apprieciated.

Some features i need:

- Change comments... Wikka has them Wacko does not.
- Page editing lockouts... neither Wikka or Wacko has this! =(
&Wikka does have an overwrite protection so you can't overwrite what someone else was just doing. I'm not sure a compete lock would be a good idea - assume someone starts editing a page and then hurries off to catch the train and will stay away for a long weekend... no one else would be able to edit the document during that long weekend. -- JavaWoman
&Well Wacko has that same feature.... when you go store the page it will fail telling you that someone else made a change while you were editing. That's not very productive on a busy page... you need to know if someone is editing the page *before* you start. Several wikis use a timed lock (admin configurable... usually 15 minutes), the user is notified at the top of the edit page that he has a temporary lock for X minutes, a preview will extend the lock another X minutes, storing it or the timeout expiring removes the lock (the timeout reverts to the existing behavior when someone changes the page while you were editing). Some even use some Javascript to warn the person editing when the timeout is about to expire. Others like [[ | MoinMoin]] even have a 3 way merge option! Also look at how [[ | DokuWiki]] and [[ | TikiWiki]] do what they call "clobber protection". -- TomSpilman

- Clearer documentation... Wikka is english while Wacko has alot of confusion because the developers are Russian.
&I work on this, but you can help me in pointing out what is not clear to you, or what can be done to make it more clearly. --NilsLindenberg
&I'll try, but your docs already beat Wacko in that they don't confuse the novice user with a bunch of Russian mixed in. =) -- TomSpilman

Maybe i should make a Wikka vs Wacko page?
~&Seems you just started doing that :) --JW
~~& feel free to start one. The best would be a comparison between all wakka-clones, as DarTar mentioned somewhere, but if you want to make a start... (and btw add CategooryUsers to your page :) --Nils

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