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==== Tim Hodson ====

Hello everyone! I'm in the process of trying out Wakka wiki. My initial findings are:
~- It is a lot faster than usemod, which I currently run for internal purposes
~- It's a bit prettier too, generally, although I defined a CSS that worked alright there
~- I like having some kind of access control - I may end up merging the two, and having the private one in the same instance.

The biggest problem I've had so far is that I became rather used to the usemod approach of allowing nested pages. These allowed you to define main pages (such as "work") and then child pages ("work/admin", "work/whatever") - and link to them just with "/admin" etc from the work page. Such "namespaces" felt like they made it easier to cover lots of different topics without having to have really silly long names. Any thoughts, anyone?

Another issue - albeit not exactly really serious - is the way that the markup for headings seems to my way of thinking to be "backwards". For most documents I think in terms of heading 1, heading 2 and so on rather than size 5, size 4. It would seem more sensible for me to have the markup for the biggest heading to be, say, ""=Heading 1="", then ""==Smaller Heading 2=="" etc, rather than starting with 5 equals. It's a structure vs presentation issue, for me: do I think "heading 1" or "very big"?

On the whole, though, I've been getting on very well with this wiki.

If you're sad enough to be interested, my personal wiki lives temporarily at: - not a lot to see there right now, though, with no hugely imminent plans for world domination there either.

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