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=====Integration of third-party software into wikka=====

On this page you will find information and links on how to integrate other software into WikkaWiki.

>>**See also**
~-[[WikkaIntegration | Integrating Wikka into other software]]
~-[[Docs:ThirdPartyInfo | List of 3rdparty software bundled with wikka]]

~-[[BadBehavior | Wikka/Bad-Behavior]] --- integrating a script against spam-agents.
~-[[ | Wikka/MoonEdit]] --- a Wikka action developed by [[ | Pierre Gorissen]] to integrate the collaborative text editor [[MoonEdit]] in WikkaWiki (see [[ | code]]).
~-[[SmartyPants | Wikka/SmartyPants]] --- integrating a typographic engine into Wikka.
~-[[JSMathIntegration | Wikka/JSMath]] --- integrating a JavaScript-based formatter for rendering math through LaTeX syntax.
~-[[SifrIntegration | Wikka/sIFR]] --- rendering of headings through Scalable Inman Flash Replacement.
~-[[Docs:Slideshow2HandlerInfo | Wikka/S5]] --- integrating the [[ | S5]] browser-based slideshow tool.

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